BITCOIN BREAKOUT! | BREAKING News: ETF Re-Filed! | Binance | kuvimbika | Financial Crisis IMMINENT!!

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: I'll show you why a financial crisis is imminent, and that the next recession can lead to a global economic collapse. Is Bitcoin going to break out now? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch vhidhiyo kudzidza zvakawanda!

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1:02 Bitcoin Analysis
3:50 Binance News
5:01 Fidelity News
5:42 ETF News
6:50 QuadigaCX Bankrupt
8:16 Financial Crisis!

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BITCOIN BREAKOUT! | BREAKING News: ETF Re-Filed! | Binance | kuvimbika | Financial Crisis IMMINENT!!

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  1. Thank you for your work, and especially for your rational and disciplined approach. Even in (rare) cases where I do not agree with your conclusions (being a perma-bull), your logic is sound and structured and always helpful.

  2. We will break out to the downside. I say this as the opposite of what I say always happens.

  3. macroeconomic insights are getting more and more important also to the crypto space. go on with it, it’s for sure of value.

  4. Yes include the microeconomics. Keep it simple like you do and don’t be afraid to go into detail.

  5. Carl… clear, concise and to the point explanation of where we are going. I have been talking about this for years. “How will governments cope when interest rates start to rise again?”. You are very, very switched on, educated and a natural teacher. I hope your video gets the shares it deserves. Big thank you!

  6. Carl, your macro economic information is priceless. I can’t believe how much I have been educated on what you share with this community. You help me to see the big macro picture of markets and make it easy to understand. Thank you thank you thank you!

  7. Thanks for the feedback! Im happy to hear that you like it. It’s very important information for sure 🙂

  8. Carl, the first time I ever clicked on one of your videos I thought you would be a moon lambo boy or something. I watched and was pleasantly surprised. I wroteRidiculous name, but great videoand your followers showed me kindness. “Hey man, Carl’s a champion. Uchaona. ”

    Just the respect of your followers impressed me.

    Fast forward through many months and I have to say I’m always impressed by your eloquence and clarity. You are my favourite YouTuber and I definitely enjoyed today’s content.

    Thanks man.

    You’re awesome dude.

  9. Its not a wedge. Its not a breakout hes been saying the same thing for days. Its most likely will be another lower high another rejection. Monthly candles closing today. Big red dildo.

  10. Macroeconomics are the main driver. It’s all about liquidity how much stocks and cryptos rise or fall. The market is extreme fragile

  11. +The investment ABC….I know you… think you are going to be a billionaire one day….you have a 99.99% better chance of being penniless than a billionaire…..

  12. +Jacob Shultz yes it is funny!! To think that the crony capitalist have any part in a real Democracy is comical! Billionaires are nothing more than Kings and Queens using the word Democracy as the Joker.

  13. Breakout to 3550….after to 3800and propably the end on 4080-4100. The Rome didn’t finish in one night.

  14. Now I’m spooked. Yesterday I posted about the good labor market and asked how it plays into the possibility of a incoming recession and what your thoughts were. Today you showed us the US civilian unemployment rate chart and pointed out that usually the unemployment rate is low prior to the start of a recession. YIKES!!! Video Great, Carl!

  15. 14:25 The commercial and the investment banks have been preparing for the next great recession for years now by laundering currencies like Danske Bank 234 billion euros, Nordea Bank, Deutsche Bank and lot of others around the globe. When the recession reaches its bottom these banks are buying commodities, real estates, bankrupt companies and many other resources at premium prices. This is the way of the banksters. Currently these banksters still own humanity through their privately printed debt-based currencies.

  16. Thank you very much for your kind words! And yeah, my followers are very mature, supportive and knowledgeable 😉 Glad you like the content!

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