What is Bitshares? Should you invest?

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BItshares is going up! Should you get involved in this great altcoin?

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What is Bitshares? Should you invest?

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  1. Interesting, when you uploaded this video the coin had its peak aprox. 1 month before and was going down steadyit still hasn’t gone up

  2. A lot of competition is what has been happening, not to mention that bitshares has not diversified enough yet with what coins it offers. Still a great project with a huge 24 hour volume. Long term it is still good, but the short term has been rough.

  3. thanks for the reply, yup most of the coins are long term, especially if they are low priced 🙂

  4. do you think it can go lower than it currently is? looks like it hit some resistence points from 3/10/16

  5. that thumbnail…. :p it kinda looks like the upper colour is another dressy thingy, which make u look like a manwoman. haha. :p

  6. Seems like they came into compliance with the SEC and got delisted so they weren’t a security. Looks like this will be the future. Look at the Smart Token program they are pushing. Looks promising.

  7. Bitshares is DECENTRALIZED. Haven’t had one hacked yet. You own your keys.

  8. Great work .. too the point, no wast of time, qick, brief and most of all truthful.

  9. Smartvibez Ryan Wilday has this as a 288 x for 2018. Ryan is the Elliott wave/Fibonacci expert on Elliott Wave Trader.

  10. Hello there. Question: How does this whole thing with Bitshares works?

    I thought it is like ethereum, where you buy ethereum, you hold it, and someday you can sell it.

    However what about BTS? The other day i deposited some ethereums on the websiteopenledger.ioand i thought that i purchased a fixed amount of Bitshares by doing so, but i realised that was not the case. That day i got 149 BTS, than it went down (147 BTS) and now/currently i have 155 BTS.

    I only want to buy a fixed amount of bishares and that same amount hold for some time (Maybe a couple of years). Is that possible? Just as if i would buy bitcoins or ethereums now and simply hold them. I thought bitshares also worked this way.


  11. +John VanDeusen Edwards
    *>Checked the price lately?*
    Yes it was .75 a year ago and now it’s 3 cent. LOL

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