The Hurumende & Your Private Life On The InternetSolutions & Updates Crypto Tech Horizen

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Rob from Horizen and I discuss privacy, why it matters, the challenges in coding for privacy, Horizen's 2019 roadmap, and the latest news from Horizen.

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The Hurumende & Your Private Life On The InternetSolutions & Updates Crypto Tech Horizen

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  1. Ah, this guy is on the same wavelength I’m on. Much of the reason I got into bitcoin was to separate government from money, and to take back control of my wealth from government. Government’s ability to just seize money from any accounts you own or seize property forreasonsneeds to be stopped. Bitcoin is a great step in that direction.

  2. Much the same here. Zvangu, Cryptos have become important building blocks for the new collaborative communities and tools that are replacing and breaking the powers of the older hierarchical structures over us.
    I’m excited about the progress decentralized organisms are making in their evolution.
    Who knows, maybe we’ll have done self work on us to become better people who are able to function and manage our lives within a open, free cooperative/collaborative society; perhaps 2-3 generations from now.

  3. +Iyo Crypto Lark
    I like what he’s selling. Added Horizen to my coinomi wallet. Next payday I may divert a couple hundred dollars to Horizon that I would normally add to my bitcoin holdings. I stay away from trading but I might want to average in over the next few months, assuming I continue to like what I see.

  4. Thanks for this interview. Privacy is important and people in general have not understood the importance. The privacy technology is still too complicated for mainstream adaption. I like Substratum SUB, they’re on the way to release the first easy to use software based privacy tool. They have already proven that their system works in China, Iran and Russia. Exciting times 😊

  5. SayingI have nothing to hide, so I have nothing to fearis like sayingI have nothing to say, so I don’t mind giving up my freedom of speech

  6. I’ve been a crypto follower, investor, hodler and advocate since August of 2017 however some aspects of the philosophy of crypto concern me. Libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism are chief among those concerns. Both of these ideas are morally bankrupt IMO. We humans are a disparate lot with many and varied levels of talents and abilities, there are very few super humans among us. If we want to live in communities we must take care and responsibility for each other. I find the idea that taxation is theft highly offensive. The market does NOT provide and there is good evidence of this. I equate libertarians with flat earthersout of touch with reality, deluded and dangerous.

  7. +J That’s not what I said. I said I find the idea that ‘taxation is theftoffensive.

  8. Lark – coins and transactions are one thing. Private data and secret contracts are another. Enigma is The preeminent privacy project. Their ‘coin Mixerdapp basically could serve as a privacy wrapper making EVERY coin Monero.. And that about .01% of what ENG can do. Think decentralized FB, decentralized loans/finance, medicine where 2 parties can share data in public chain but in secret (encrypted) where both can operate over the data without revealing the underlying info. Med/Pharma/AI data sharing.. Everything else is checkers.. ENG is 3d chess .. All MIT team

  9. +derp derp node version 0.4.2 has been released a few days ago, now it’s possible to create self sustaining node networks, which is a major step towards consumer version v1 that will be released in first half of 2019. I call that awesome progress indeed. I kindly invite you to join our community for more information, instead of spreading unfounded scam accusations.

  10. In general we willingly gave up our privacy the day people starting to post on Facebook. People talk about privacy while they are posting themselves on social media and snap crack. Almost the catch 22. Of what should be fighting for. Question for best privacy, live off grid, no more internet. and in the bush. is only way to 100% privacy or more less Mars. just a thought

  11. The more I research Horizen, the more I realize just how much Rob and the team at Horizen really gets it on SO many different levels! Having been through the dot com era and evaluating numerous projects, it’s nice to find a gem in the new emerging markets.
    == Lark, I hope you’ve finally reached the same conclusion and joined the community! Peace out

  12. Not meI’ve freed myself from me some brave browser. Thanks as always Larkster

  13. Very very cool interview! I am quite interested in HoriZen and the quest to be a private alternative to the public internet. Great stuff Lark!

  14. I feel like the only way to ensure a private internet is to build the tools and take it, because it will not be given to us

  15. Hi Peter, interesting thoughts for sure. While I believe that no one ideology fixes everything, I do see some interesting concepts coming from these ideas. Libertarianism for example gives us the legalization of drugs, the anarchocapitalists the end of the state, just as basic examples. Now taxation is a damn tricky issue, because on the face of it I have no problem paying taxes here in New Zealand, because most of the money goes towards things I see value in, with only a few things the government spends my money on making me upset. However if I lived in the USA I would 100% be anti tax, as so much of the tax money goes towards ensuring the profits of defense contractors, subsidizing the world’s biggest corporations, etc etc etcthe real problem is that citizens get no say in how the taxes are spend, which brings me back to the idea of blockchain referendums, for example once a year all citizens vote on and decide where taxes will be spent.

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