“Stock Market At 60% CRASH CHANCE, Bitcoin May SAVE YOUR $$$”Why USD Giant JPM Sees BTC As Savior

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“Stock Market At 60% CRASH CHANCE, Bitcoin May SAVE YOUR $$$" – Why USD Giant JPM Sees BTC As Savior

32 mashoko

  1. Bitcoin price is going to get smashed. I see it around 2k right before the halving. They will short the hell out off it and buy it buy once the last weak hands are gone.

  2. Please, please stop having soo long empty after-music. It wastes time and has no value of its own to compensate for that time (assuming others cherish autoplay of preselected videos like I do it just plays the same tune over and over ad nausea).
    2 full minutes?

  3. Gotta reach 10 minutes to get more adsense revenue

  4. You cited nothing about JPM seeing BTC or cryptos as a saviour. Blatent lie! What’s will be your next video? “Paypal sees BTC as a saviour”?

  5. They didn’t say it. TechCrackHouse said nothing about it except in his dishonest clickbait title.

  6. 2020 is what I have been advising my crypto investing buddies. Fully agree with this assessment. So buy all you can until then . CDA

  7. The stock market will not collapse. Janet Yellen before she left the Fed said there would never be another market crash. She did not say that out of hubris. She knows the markets are now totally rigged and even if we slip into a deep depression the Exchange Stabilization Fund, a secretive arm of the US Treasury, is manipulating all markets in conjunction with the Fed, foreign central banks like the Bank of Switzerland (that has transformed itself into a huge hedge fund that just prints Swiss Francs with which to buy stocks) , the Bank of Japan (ditto), the Bank of England, and God knows how many more, will work to keep the bond and stock markets levitated even if they have to buy every single share of stock listed on the NYSE! There are no more free markets! It is all rigged! The 2% rule applies: stock market averages will NOT be allowed to go down by more than 2% in any trading day. If they do, the next day they will start buying like mad to drive prices up again. And conversely, gold or silver will never be allowed to go up more than 2% nezuva rimwe. If they do, the next day they will be slammed down. The only way markets will crash is if the powers-that-be want them to crash. Period.

  8. I was going to sell half of my portfolio because I have lost so much holding & it went so bad for me to the extent I thought of selling all my coin, Still on my thoughts of going fiat when I found in the comment section on Altcoin Buzz channel the contact of Smith Van who was given numerous accolades, and mentioned to be a guru in his field in trading crpto, then I contacted him and told him what was going on with me and seek for help, it has been 2 weeks since I reached this crypto God and I have been able to increase my portfolio way up through the help of the mighty Smith Van , he helped me gain back more than half of what I sold, now I can say proudly I own over 15*Btc in my portfolio, if you want to recover your losses and stack up like me, reach him on email or hangout at (smithvan390@gmail. com)

  9. You are crazy if you believe stock markets wont crash. Have you just started investing? What goes up goes down. Greed and fear. Stability is not the norm.

  10. Bigsmok crypto Ok We actually agree on several points. For one, I am also going to buy on the way down (… or flat ) and I do also think that Wall Street did harm and to a degree intends to harm price of Bitcoin.
    I don’t necessarily believe BTC will reach moon as in the article- it really is just an opinionStill I see 2000 as unlikely as 200000. Wall Street can Pump and dump the pricebut the dump can go down just as long as they dump They can not force me or You to dump BTC. 6000 was actually pretty strong support level…. So I believe the next lower price level will be the floor. … Zviya – the semblance to the market from 2013 is incredible already nowand by analogyto go one step lower would make the semblance perfect too.

  11. Zionist are saying they are going to crash the old fiat system and the new crypto currency will be forced upon us with a biometric chip to help safeguard us

  12. The dollar will crash it’s not backed by nothing real the only reason the dollar has remained a world reserve currency is because of the oil that’s traded using the dollar but that’s ending more countries have stopped using the dollar inflation will rise prices for things will rise our money will be worth little to nothing

  13. saka. You would figure that they would already have been shorting it. Why would they wait this long. Even if buying OTC. Also it’s so permeated no one owns even 1% of all the BTC out there.

  14. Shorting they will. They may short the XBT and they will, however as as long, as XBTis only derivative, which it is not physically backed by BTC, they can not move the price down, unless they own the Bitcoins in huge quantities first and sell them concomitantly at the same time with shorting.
    As long as they short bitcoin without buying and selling the real thing, it will have no influence on the price of the real thing at all.
    Of course.. when futures startedthey have bought big quantities of real bitcointhey drove the price up by this, than they shorted and sold at the same time.
    This was easy success for themmaking money twiceon selling and by successful shorting.
    zvisinei, nowthe price is at the same level on which they started to buy it in the first place, they sold their portion already, so how can they drive the price down now? Not so easy. Lokk at the chartselling pressure is over. They might try by scaring others to sell, however weakhands are gone and as long, as others will not get scared away and do not sell their own btcshorting itself will not make a dent on a price.
    Moreover big OTC demand is going all the time.

  15. +Petr Skupa
    I don’t know if 2k is correct assessment but I also believe it will go down because of Mt. Gox returning 166k of Bitcoin to creditors!

  16. pero _ This seem better reason than the shorting alone. Though, do You think that most old bitcoiners, who had to wait for years will sell it right away under its potential? I also think, that some decrease will come. Just the degreeI trust one support line break will be possible. zvisinei – if that happenit will be seen as capitulationand The bottom. So no more breaks seem likely.

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