Self-Made Billionaire, “Bitcoin Will Be Worth $250K in 2022

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Self-Made Billionaire, "Bitcoin Will Be Worth $250K in 2022"

28 mashoko

  1. I don’t thing Bitcoin will be 250k, because of the problems happening with the US and Syria Russia, North Korea.

  2. TechCashHouse
    Do you remember an advertisement of Johnnie Walker Keep Walking??…
    Keep Dreaming is the message for you..hahaha

  3. First ask what the dollar will be worth in 2022 or if it will even be the world reserve currency, then speculate on the price and value of Bitcoin.

  4. Don’t get me wrong, hopefully this will be the case. asi! If you had purchased 30,000 BitCoins, wouldn’t you be predicting as high a price as you could get away with?😳 A million dollars!!😳 naw! ikozvino $250,000, Ehe! Now that’s achievable. Haha!!😄😆😂 Ya see what I mean?😄😆😂👏🏾👍🏾✊🏾

  5. I think it’s relistic, you think it’s relistic, some rich dude thinks it’s relistic cuz he’s the dude that invented the relistic perdiction. So it’s totally relistic and pretty much reliatic

  6. The world will be a mess very soon, and the only safe way to store money is Bitcoin , so the demand will be crazy and the price will be unbelievable.

  7. it is well know that mining company Bitmain influence was behind last years hard fork into Bitcoin Cash, I believe that bitcoin will be more valuable five years from now, but 250k is a little far fetched and mere pump talk more than anything.

  8. His eyebrows makes him look like a devil who bought them dips and creating hype cycle so price can push up but i love this guy at least he will start the hype cycle again XD

  9. Twitter CEO says Bitcoin will be world only currency in 10 years so $250,000 is not a big deal in ten years. #BullsEye

  10. latigo66 Correct. Bitcoin will be worth more then $250k because the dollar will have declined in value alot when it will be 2022.

  11. Please buy my memecoin bags that are diminishing in value!! Uhh, they’ll be worth a lot maybe in two years! Cmon you’ll see!”

  12. very enlightening. thanks.. after reading a book about blockchain programming, I had a dream that someone bought 1 BTC at $1mill…. (as if it would go higher.) … imagine what happened next in my dream (chart watching) lol..

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