Screw Price! Bitcoin is Freedom!

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Bitcoin is so much more than price, Bitcoin is freedom wrapped in a financial revolution that will reshape the way we see the world.


Use Bitcoin! Customers Condemn PayPal After It ‘BansThe Hacker News


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Screw Price! Bitcoin is Freedom!

40 mashoko

  1. …..and if you dont like freedom buy XRP (keep in mind, this is not financial advice #buyXRP)

  2. Thanks for a great video.
    Thanks for reminding us what the blockchain is for and how it will disrupt corrupt government.
    Long live the blockchain!

  3. Great video Lark!! Please continue with the inclusion of economics and politics in your vids. Some don’t want to hear it but those are the factors which present use cases for cryptocurrency.
    We’re dealing with Brexit here, due to such a weak pound the price of food items has skyrocketed. Either we’re paying more for less or more for the same item. Yet, the inflation report will be much lower than it should be.. total BS

  4. Yes people forgot why bitcoin was created and Lightning Network was no apart of it. The world has bitcoin back now its BitcoinSV

  5. Ndatenda – good video and valid points 🙂 we to easily get caught by greed when we invest in CCso imagine if greed at good doing could walk hand in hand 🙂

  6. John RobertsI just feel we are lucky to be in this crypto sphere at this point in time. Let’s hope our belief in digital assets comes true.

  7. I think the various payment systems cutting people off could be creating genuine use cases, and driving adoption of decentralised systems.

    The fact ismathematics has no politics.

  8. Indeed.. it’s not without irony that financial institutions own actions could push adoption.

    I think the past few weeks has led a lot of people to question the power that some centralised payment systems have on society.

    It reminds me of the way news old fashioned paper owners used to often end up trying to get into politics. There is a sort of inevitability to the idea that once a small amount of individuals have powerthey will try and inflict their ideals on society.

    Everyone thinks they are the good guyeven the bad guys can justify actions.


  9. Al Jenkins yes we are very lucky to be in this space so early. It’s exciting to see how it’ll all play out.

  10. +Naka Chips Craig Wright is not Satoshi. Nothing he has done follows the original vision.

  11. +Al Jenkins Lol your plan to migrate surely is the same as the majority of the country. *Sigh* I really hope crypto takes off in the latter stages of 2019. Just need a few more months to accumulate.. everything.
    We did think after the last recession things would change regarding the banking system and economy. I wonder if after this one it’s the catalyst for real change. Less power for banks, a major reduction in the use of fiat and adoption of crypto. I mean when the hell is the reserve currency going to change? It’s been the dollar for decades and we’re not the only ones taking a hammering!!!

  12. Realizing, ehe saizvozvo , that a $15/ADA would mean that ADA would be worth 3X today’s value of the ENTIRE crypto market cap? How are you reaching this number? Especially with so few working dApps on Cardano. Hoskinson is legend dev, but it’s EOS and TRX that have the working dApps and the most dev activity. see PS. I agree that would be awesome, but..

  13. One of the best Videos which succinctly sums up Bitcoin and the reasons backing Cryptocurrency and the need for financial revolution i have seen in a long time

  14. I’m not that young any more and should value my time left on this planetstill I long to be 2-3 years ahead to see how it all unfolds 🙂

    Keep up the good workTMI and your videos are my go todailyit’s very addictive stuff this crypto thingbinary heroin 🙂

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