Russia Makes Big Move Via Oil Backed Cryptocurrency

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Russia is making a big move in the oil markets as talks of launching an oil backed cryptocurrency gain traction.




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Russia Makes Big Move Via Oil Backed Cryptocurrency

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  2. Russian here.
    When the Rus petrol coin gets launched and immediately gets sanctioned by USA, just run VPN
    Plus, its USA citizens who will suffer from this sanction, not Russia. saka, speak to your leaders, Americans.

    wo, aren’t you glad we aren’t nuking each other right now? Thanks for not electing Hillary. It was a close one though….

  3. Preach it Brother, last time I was in New Zealand I got hounded by people asking me all kinds of serious heart breaking questions once they found out I was from America. My only responseI’m a Ron Paul supporter.

  4. BEAUTIFULLY said on the topic of Venezuelan hunger & poverty. My thoughts go out to the plight of the Venezuelans and their serious political instability, but even down to some very popular YTubers (I’m looking at you DataDash) keep stroking Venezuela as if it’s the only country that is experiencing the turmoil that it is. The US has an increasing number of abject poverty and all we, as Americans, are doing is completely ignoring it. I’m glad you highlight this point Lark.

  5. If u understand the petrodollar system youll understand this is fighting talk. Rightly so. Usa are ripping off the world.

  6. Hey Lark, Thanks again for the great content!
    I’ve got a newsworthy thing for you. Check out the #PoorMansLNTrustChain and #LNTinyTorch on twitter.

  7. there’s plenty of food in the shops in Venezuela. it’s just US regime propaganda, same as they do with every country they want to destroy and hand over to the local traitors/oligarchs as well as their own corporations

  8. Penzuuki if a human is in charge of the Nuke button……. one of those days it will be pushedguaranteed , love or no love

  9. Great news, and great story brother! Things are really starting to heat up worldwide. This is a major punch to gut of the US. The Russian Petro Coin! I love it! Btw the Venezuelan Petro Coin was going to run off NEM and Russia was helping them develop it. Do you think there might be a connection there? Regardless, we are all moving into a very new frontier…. How exciting to be pioneers in any capacity within this space! Great job as always brother! 😎

  10. +Ewan TrevisA humanmeaning one person cannot simply push a button on his or her own……….to theif a human is in chargein facts it ishumansbut anyways who besides humans would be in charge?

  11. +Penzuuki just because she had experience doesn’t mean it was good experience,Trump didn’t some how find his way,the American people voted for him, and as for Hillary starting a war,good thing we never got the chance to find out,and no the so called propaganda you speak of that led Trump into office is laughable

  12. +Rod Young I’ll let my personal character, beliefs and charitable giving speak for who I am. When we obfuscate truth we by default let evil win. If however I ever get labeled a terrorist AGAIN for my anti-war beliefs or for preempting tragedy I will have to claim asylum in NZ where traditional understandings of good and evil still remains.

  13. Dear Lark, you should be at UN as a HUMAN RIGHTS REPRESENTATIVE ON BLOCK-CHAIN. All you say there is right, just go on.

  14. We were on our way & doing well until someone started undoing the progress due to fragile ego & a lack of any and all virtuous qualities.

    Especially with the environment.

    Now we have another weirdo in charge of that for the time being.

    These guys won’t be there long.


  15. Yay wow. I am think i am going to stock up on some of that Petro as well. I heard it’s made by this cool guy who apparently runs some country. Hmm nothing wrong with a US sanction. It’s all like eating a Tide Pod Sandwich. Just because someone may tell you it’s bad. Doesn’t mean you should not try it lol. Maybe a bit salty. But its still ok. As long one ignores the truth. then we can all live in harmony, rudyi? lol Anyways good work as usual , i am going to make my shoe polish sandwich now. Sincerely JR

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