Robinhood Vs. M1 FinanceWhich is better?

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Robinhood Vs. M1 FinanceWhich is better?

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  1. Does M1 Finance have Options trading?

    Also how was their sign up verification process like? Which is easier/faster

  2. the advantage goes to bothi use robinhood as my main investment appM1 is incredible as an investment tool to invest in stocks that i couldn’t buy in other circumstancesfractional shares and no fees, M1 winshands on investing and no fees RH wins

  3. it’s tough to say. Given that they’re both free, I’d say Robinhood is more for TRADERS and M1 Finance is for INVESTORS.

    Given that m1 finance lets me be lazy and just throw money at set stocks every week AND has a ROTH option, I give the edge to M1 Finance.

  4. I want to watch this but at a family event. I did how ever switch over to m1. I like setting what I want then paying into it vs overtime slowly buying what I want. The Drip is also a huge plus. I also set up a pie just for my daughter to pick stocks and let her learn. Robinhood got me started and has a special place in my heart but I’m moving on.

  5. I’ve learned alot using M1. I think for someone still learning , M1 is a great platform to start on without losing the flexibility to expand unlike Stash invest for example.

  6. both are really simple need a ssn tho

    m1 also has roth ira and other types of accounts so it kind of depends

  7. I tried to sign up on robinhood and they asked for a photo ID and the screen is horizontal so I am not sure how to take the picture of my ID :/

    also do you know if M1 Finance has options trading?

  8. Thank you for the comparisons. I have been using Robinhood since it’s inception and love it! I’m new to M1 Finance. Could you do a video on how best to create a portfolio best tracking index like DJIA or S&P500? M1 Finance seems to be easier to do index slice.

  9. I’m looking into M1 to try out for my roth ira, but m1 charges $100 to transfer out if it does not work out, and I’m not sure you can transfer out fractional shares, definitely not if the other broker does not offer fractional shares that you’re transferring into. Master pies I think are there best feature, not sure why they don’t offer s&p 500 and russell 1000 master pies? If M1 just copies all of Vanguard’s index funds but w/o expense ratio fee, they would attract lot’s of interest.

  10. Info Planet m1 does not yet have options trading angle your id to orientate so it’s all in frame , I don’t recall doing this when i first signed up might have to do it if you get a margin account and don’t trade on cash

  11. It’s been over a month, and Robinhood still hasn’t approved my account, and they can’t do anything to solve the issue. Trying out M1 Finance.

  12. Can most Chinese stocks traded in the USA be traded on M1? Robinhood do not allow the trading of some Chinese stocks traded in the USA.

  13. The exact same thing happened to me. I contacted Robinhood repeatedly and even had to pay to have my credit files unfreeze twice (before it became free). Their response showed that they didn’t really care what I had to do or money I spent. saka, I’m not ever trying Robinhood again. I am going to try M1 Finance next week.

  14. m1 because people over look the value of fractional shares for low income people who cant afford to purchase a full share stock which is alot people

  15. Because Robinhood isn’t that great. The only thing it brings to the table is it’s free. I would rather pay $5 to Schwab for all the great investment choices, tools, research, and tax forms. I also have a M1 account. The ability to easily dollar cost average into a portfolio is brilliant.

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