Masternodes Overview feat DASH, DSR, SEND.- Passive Income With Altcoins and CryptocurrencyPt. 3

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In todays video, we go over DASH, DSR and SEND. We talk about how it can be possible to create passive income with altcoins and cryptocurrency and some approaches you can take in 2018.

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Masternodes Overview feat DASH, DSR, SEND.- Passive Income With Altcoins and CryptocurrencyPt. 3

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  1. I’m running a (SPD) masternode, and a staking wallet. It was my first masternode attempt, and understanding the cold / hot wallet concept took me a while. Now I understand it’s easy.
    At least they have good setup guides and very helpful devs at Discord.

  2. Great vid. I would suggest CliffonCrypto’s channel for the masternodes stuff. Most of the help i got from there and his tutorials are spot on.

  3. Pylon tokens looks very awesome a green energy project already in use in homes and shows a steady growth and doing a lot of live converantions atm for the public in al countries

  4. Rick Debski I got 10k in my wallet but no idea how to set it up. Tried following instructions but was getting errors. Bummer!

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