Massive Money Flow for Crypto IndustrySecurity Tokens STO

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Are security tokens really going to be the next big thing? Just what are security tokens and how will they shake up the crypto industry?


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Massive Money Flow for Crypto IndustrySecurity Tokens STO

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  1. STOs are a simple concept. It’s like cypto, but garbage. I’ve seenhybrid” ruzhowa mari. Crypto, hedged with stock. Hear that? Hedging with a taking, unstable tool and offsetting losses with crypto gains to allow old money some hope to get out.

  2. This is no financial advice, girls and boys, but if you want to do your future self a favour, look at the Bankex project. All the best!

  3. Well Security Tokens, could be the next idea. A Hybrid market of Crypto. Companies making projects to support other crypto projects. Could be the idea. You never know. To my opinion. This is something that is worth to keep an eye on. There will be lots of presentations of these going on at the next events in 2019 for sure. Something worth to follow up on in the months to come for sure. Thanks for the thought and exposure. Sincerely JR

  4. My opinion is that you should (quickly) interview Chris Corica or Todd Wier about STO and PrefLogic. Worth it ! Nice vid as always by the way

  5. The potential for blockchain to disrupt the securities markets is freaking massive!”

    Yes bro, I TOTALLY agree! So great you are mentioning the Own (CHX) bro. As I have told many times, this company is excatly doing it already, right now! It would be so awesome to see you interviewing their CEO, he is truly a great person, leading a great company. Change is coming, in a big way Lark.

    This video is just awesome. You are so right in this matter.

  6. Can somone explain if this would be also availaible (STOS) on an exchange like Binance?
    I am only used to Crypto not the stockmarket, would love to just be on 1 exhange where i can trade all assets

  7. Mr Lark what is your opinion when Crypto goes under $ 100 bhiriyoni, many joined crypto to fulfill their dreams with so much talk of how big this will be, how important & how smart the project people are, we seem to have taken a right southward turn on the bus and i think the bus driver has a drinking problem. Hope he sobers up soon. Mufaro

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