Massive Ethereum Scaling & Dictator Vitalik, End of Crypto, Tron 200x Faster, Forbes – Bitcoin News

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsTron claims to be 200x faster than Ethereum, Ethereum scaling proposal for 17k TPS, (Nouriel Roubini) Dr. Doom continues to trash crypto, researcher calls for end of crypto as we know it, Winding tree and air france team up, and Bitcoin Cash may get an exchange.


Ethereum Snark Chains

Dr Doom

Crypto Industry Implodes

BTC Venezuela

Venezuela Bitcoin Trading Hits New Record As Maduro Confirms Petro Launch

Bitcoin Mining

Chip Dude


Binance Charity

Binance Delists

Bitcoin Cash

Roger Ver Hints at Launching a Bitcoin Cash-Centric Exchange

Bahrain Crypto

Middle East’s First Central Bank-Backed Crypto Exchange to Launch in 2019



Winding Tree


Facebook, are you kidding?

Bitcoin Rat

There’s A Giant Bitcoin Rat on Wall Street And It’s Staring Down the Fed


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Massive Ethereum Scaling & Dictator Vitalik, End of Crypto, Tron 200x Faster, Forbes – Bitcoin News

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  1. Lmao!!! You’re so brave! I bet she had a riot throwing that paper. Yeah, my Sun groupie over here is all about that Tron so naturally that tweet got her wanting more. That article will be up on BTC obituaries in no time. “Open face sandwich😂 I like that Binance is constantly evolving like this. Ver just double tapped himself with that disaster of a debate with Charlie. Oh Facebook, will you ever learn….

  2. New conspiracy theory: The Crypto Lark has made every video up until now ONLY in preparation for his inevitable reveal as the leading comedian of the world.

  3. +Crypto Investor can always just skip them dude, appreciate your effort Lark and it’s good to have a laugh 🙂

  4. Another great video Lark, I enjoy the info and the entertainment, I also really respect how you engage and respond to not only the positive comments but the criticism as well. Keep up the good work!

  5. That Jordan Belfort is so easy to see through, he is so obviously being influenced by the 1% to say Bitcoin is a scam. What is funny is that he is actually a criminal and Bitcoin is real and its not going anywhere.

  6. Can you talk about binance decision to list and then a bit later delist bytecoin ? (Everyone knew they were premined anyway ..)

  7. Can you talk about binance decision to list and then a bit later delist bytecoin ? (Everyone knew they were premined anyway ..)

  8. The climax of that intro was GOLD! 🙂
    Ethereum is a Mastodon: updating it is going to take AGES. As for Mr Buterin, I think his job has been done: he set up the project, he laid out the foundation of Ethereum Blockchain, he got the EVM running and he did the research to lay out future developments, he positioned his favourite Mr Zamfir to follow up in a new (more people-friendly!) direction, but he will definitely remain behind the scene as a consultant/advisor. 🙂

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