Making A Billion Dollars with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

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Making A Billion Dollars with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

31 mashoko

  1. Should have put your little finger up to your mouth when you said “1 Billon dollars😀

  2. I took out a loan, sold my annoying girlfriend and my last pair of undies & put it all on Neo.

  3. Kugadzira 1 billion dollars with crypto:
    1) Invest 10 bhiriyoni
    2) Wait for tether to crash
    3) cash out
    4) bro out

  4. Im with you Lark the US senate almost just said if you cant beat ’em join ’em………… just took out a position in CargoX on the basis of the team it looks like a good sort and long term as they are rolling out actual product in a month or so (kucoin)

  5. Crypto Lark, you’re the best Crypto Dude! …………………..”on the internet😀

  6. Power Ledger (POWR) working project they get a lot of partnerships a lot of experts thing soon this project can be in top 10 worth to do personal review. Thank me later 😉

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