Make Your Own BITCOIN GainsBasic Technical Analysis using Charts for Beginners

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Bitcoin to $4,500? Really? What IS the next price target for Bitcoin? Today Mark will walk you through how to look at charting patterns and how those patterns can give you a price target on Bitcoin or any coin.

Mark is an active trader and shares his technical analysis of the charts. He is not a professional advisor but shares his knowledge so that you can have a foundation to do your own research and make informed decisions on your investments. Always do your own research and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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Make Your Own BITCOIN GainsBasic Technical Analysis using Charts for Beginners

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  1. FINALLY you guys made a TA video that will help people day trade! FANTASTIC

  2. TA will give better probabilities of a market move. And that better probability is the difference between gaining, breaking even or losing everything. Knowledge is power. Thank you for the knowledge.

  3. TA DOES WORK I agree!
    Although it is manipulated, TAs increase your probabilty. You cant just build a habit of guessing. That’s how you get REKT

  4. Thanks Mark, I’m always looking forward to your VIDS, they’re some of the BEST in YouTube. Where the hell is Jeff, don’t see his videos anymore, thanks again for this one, those fricking crazy charts are starting to make some sense. I think we are heading for 3K BTC by the 3rd week in september, hopefully IT WILL, Peace Broder

  5. Andres Olimpo Tamayo thank you very much for the nice comments. It really makes it all worthwhile. Jeff is still doing videosmostly live streams as he travels. Do you have your notifications on? That’s typically how I find out. Thanks zvakare!!!

  6. New to the space and thinking it’s a good time to get into crypto. Thanks for TA lesson. What are you using for your charts?

  7. TA is a really good tool. It teaches you to see the market and how to make decisions and what you think is going to move next. The best part about TA to me is that if you know enough of what your doing theres always a chance for money to be made. This is an awesome video thanks for the upload. I feel like a lot of people miss out from benefiting from TA.

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