Mainframe MFT Review – Decentralized Communication Layer

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Mainframe is creating a censorship resistant decentralized communication protocol. An already existing alpha, solid team, and great vision make MFT a compelling project.

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Mainframe MFT Review – Decentralized Communication Layer

29 mashoko

  1. 27,000 Eth already gone in pre sale,go figure,shm..Thanks Lark was waiting for this review,loved the review not impressed with the team and sales,token supply………..NOSHAVETILL20K crypto Lark Nation

  2. Hi Lark and fans what do u think of nexo? working product plus the demand is there and solving a big problem during the bull run.

  3. Dear Larkdo you generally prefilter the interesting projects for your reviews?
    What is your current opinion regarding substratum compared to mainframe?
    Thanks for your big input into the crypto world!!!

  4. Always good to get that info, I like the project overall, but don’t like that there isn’t anything left for regular investors

  5. I fear that might be the norm from here on outGiving the already wealthy more of an advantage with private/pre sales.. Great! 👎

  6. my 2 satoshis is that i prefer coins that have value – $C20, $BNB, $KCS coins that are backed by something tangible and offer rewards. Not a big fan in shares in a company that don’t pay dividends.

  7. Lark you are different from the rest on youtube brother. You can feel your passion for furthering the good that can come to the world through this blockchain revolution. Too many channels just looking too promote anything as long as they are getting paid. Can you do a review of Origami Network ORI would love yo hear your thoughts on whether its a good project or not.

  8. I also would like to know your short opinion regarding the comparison between SUB and mainframeTHX LARK!!

  9. Nice video, but what’s your take on SOUL (phantasma)? Phantasma’s message distribution is similar to MFT, but the Phantasma chain has some additional freatures like native decentralized file storage (Siacoin, Filecoin), NFT marketplace, ghostmode, sharding (similar to Quarkchain and Zilliqa), side chains. Would be great to see you publishing your opinions on SOUL

  10. and the SOUL testnet will be released NEXT WEEK (mid november) -> so be the first to cover that event

  11. No worries. You’ll find a few helpful articles on their medium, but Phantasma didn’t publish many technical details about their consensus mechanisms, side chains and tps stuff yet. So it’s still quite early

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