Julian Assange Wikileaks Founder End Game

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Julian Assange is in an increasingly dire situation as his confinement at the Ecuadorian embassy in London may be coming to an end. Is this the end for Assange?


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Julian Assange Wikileaks Founder End Game

33 mashoko

  1. Great words from a great man. Perhaps even the last one ever fit to lead the US. Thanks Lark! You are awesome.

  2. While the criminal MSM REALLY cares about the Muslim Brotherhood operative Khashoggi, and wants to blockade Saudi Arabia (so that they can smuggle weapons for drugs, again) or even start a war.

    Now they want to start a war with Russia tooPeople in Russia maybe not innocent either. Both sides want tensions to sell more weapons and steal more tax payer money.

  3. Check out George Webb, if you want to get a deeper understanding of how the criminal deep state works, and his speculations about Assange now.

  4. Lol, Australian government is no different then any other government, they will throw you under the bus if they need too. Julian Assange is a hero in my eye’s. They will hang him out to dry

  5. In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act
    -George Orwell

  6. Great episode brother! We all need to rally around Assange! Without Free speech, then what exactly do we have left?

  7. Whistelblowers should be rewarded and protected! But Julian isn’t even a whistle blower, he is a journalist who (amongst other journalists who all agreed together what to retract and what to write) simply wrote what others released at same time! Why is he singled out?

  8. Thank you for this Lark.. Journalism = Business

  9. Ositireriya, the eternal Lapdog to the Imperial USA has blood all over their filthy, corrupt hands. Not too long ago, that Red headed lapdog, Gillard was actually threatening to cancel his citizenship….until someone with an IQ above 60, informed her that it was not actually in her purview to do sometghing like thatit’s called something embedded in the CONstitution. Gillard, that lapdog {like they all are} ani, when giving a speech to the joint sitting of the CONgress and the Senate in the US, fawned over that vile nation like a love struck teenager. Hail Assange, Hail Snowden and all of their ilk that expose the filthy lies, nepotism & corporate lapdogs that these puppets truly are.

  10. Those that are willing to give up their freedom for “chibatiso”, deserve neither….Benjamin Franklin.

  11. +Crypto Revolt Tell them Aussies about it: most of them bask in theirLucky countrynarrative, permanently oblivious to how badly they (and their future progeny) are being sold by their own politicians slave-masters.

  12. He will suffer the absolute worst sentence a communicator/journalist can suffer: he will be silenced and isolated until the end of his life.

  13. Did you notice how Americans now say that both of them are working for the Russians? How convenient! And funny at the same time.. if you remember how often Trump himself showed how much he loved Wikileaks.

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