Investment Portfolio to 💸 THRIVE 💸 In A CrisisIngenious Investor Shares Secrets [zvinoshamisa]

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How to build an investment portfolio to thrive during this crisis.
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Investment Portfolio to 💸 THRIVE 💸 In A CrisisIngenious Investor Shares Secrets [zvinoshamisa]

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  1. I follow the arcane bear 🐻 great guy who loves nature, crypto and freedom !! My two fav youtubers .. today is a good day

  2. Bought a crap load of gold and silver during the 08 tsaona. Done nothing but lose money. Should’ve bought BTC at $2.00.

  3. It can’t go higher and higher we’ll still have do what the CME set the bitcoin price at.
    Come Monday morning we’ll all be dumping very hard to what price they have set for us.

  4. My “life portfolioconsists of making sure all my cash touches my balls before moving to the next transaction.

  5. @Medic 19 Its a inflation stable asset- not deisgned to rise significantly unless something has gone very very very wrong, which is what it looks like is inevitable. but needs to be accepted, this will creat an entire re evaltion of value!

  6. @Arcane Bear Thank you for responding. Call me dumb but, if silver, semuyenzaniso, stays in the 14 dollar range and bread goes from $2 a loaf to $6 dollars a loaf how is that inflation stable? Metals have to rise 2 percent normaly every year just to keep up with inflation. Now that the money printer is going brrt it’ll be even worse. Not trying to be argumentative, just trying to get a different point of view. Thanks man!

  7. I think diversity is great. Majority of my holdings in bitcoin, but also have a comfortable position in gold and silver, more in gold. Especially now days, it could be used as a hedge. Precious metals are more like a park place for my money. I can always sell it back if I wanted tho it takes longer than bitcoin to do so, it’s a long term hold asset to me, just like how bitcoin is.

  8. shitcoins silver and gold. a preppers warchest….ups just dropped off my ATB 5oz silver pucks with the cerveza virus bat. beautiful….o ya i’ve been playing stonks too. and yes i print my own food too

  9. Great interview with a real, humble guy with insights and inspiration. Not sure his name, but you know who I mean !

  10. There’s a reason they don’t teach us accounting until college. Another great chat guys 🤜🤛

  11. @Medic 19 I’m still waiting for these JP Morgan guys to go to jail! You’re right about the paper market too. It’s like the banking system where you only have to actually hold 10% and if people come to collect physically they’re SOL!

  12. most rich people got rich from building something, a business, product, service et c.
    builders take money, non-builders give money.

  13. Great Episode Guys Like Jim Rhone said “If do not like your current location then change your not a tree 🌳 I currently hold two passports and have applied for number three BOOM 💥 Love diversity also 😃Let’s continue to crush it during these times 😎

  14. The artwork I use here is my own painting that I used as a album cover on the music I releasedexpressing myself through art is a double edged sword, but at least I have had a go. The investment side is worth getting good education on, and I find BTC ETH and LINK to be useful to offset real estate, cash and of course gold / silver. I am glad I took the time to learn in the past 6 yrs.

  15. @ponzo1967 Me too! COMEX is a total scam. Good part is, it seems people are starting to wake up to all these scams that they’re pulling around us!

  16. So good to step back and look at the big picture. A diverselife portfolio ” Zvinokosha. I’m looking forward to being able to do a lot of good with my gains in the near future: fingets crossed, those achievements will be the true measure of my wealth.

  17. I am putting all of my money into a wholesale seafood market specializing in washed up giant sea creatures and whoever makes lark’s shirts.

  18. High fences and a guard tower…” exactly the place, I would want to be! Weak government, everyone fends for themselves, hide inside a wall. Wonderful! What about strong government, safe streets, open borders, low fences. Say hello to your neighbors!

  19. Doubt that. When stocks crash investors will turn to bitcoin as the best investment the world has ever seen. Fact.

  20. @Medic 19 I agree that bullion is a relatively stable asset which acts as a storage. zvisinei, a lot has changed since 2008, including ‘hyperinflation as I think there’s approximately twice as much Fiat circulating around now as there was then. Uyezve, countries like Russia, China, Iran and many others have been stacking gold since then. That’s why people are saying it’s price is currently manipulated to stay low, as there is much more interest in it now.
    So I don’t think the current prices of bullion are reflective of their true value and I think this will soon be exposed. I do agree that Bitcoin and other crypto’s/blockchain have been better investments which means they are more volatile, but there’s no harm in having a stake in many assets to diversify your portfolio.

  21. “embrace the chinese people but screw the chinese government”great sentiment. I hope the rest of the world can see this point of view. How everyone looked the other way during the hong kong riots makes me doubtful

  22. they doits Accounting 101 and they teach you about debits + credits and teach you how to read balance sheets and profit + loss statements.

  23. Truth! We are all in a moment when we need to learn to collaborate, and that means looking past the bullshit governments and seeing us all as one! Kinda hippy, but true

  24. MrHarrilasagna yeah it was called economy at my public high school. Actually one of the harder required classes. We learned everything from basic TA/supply and demand/capitalism. And I’m a millennial.

  25. 100% if you think either wise look at the 500’s chart next to btc. just know ahead, sell a lil early with some knowledge that is proven cuz these things happen. Then reinvest when everyone’s freaking out because there’s blood in the streets

  26. @Tyler Piresthat can workif the banks and crypto exchanges stay solventtechnically the banks are all insolvent, pari zvino, though the Federal Reserve is now officially propping EVERYTHING up, so who knows.

    Decentralized Exchanges are the future!
    THEY also want to ban stable coinsyes the private central banks dobecause that is how lots of fiat goes into crypto.

  27. @ron fontainegold and silver will likely do better, as the stocks fallesp silver. BTC and crypto in general will likely go down, as the stocks do, though it is anyone’s guess -since The Fed is pumping to INFINITY!

  28. They do not really teach in college, these days either. It is all about the hierarchy of victimhood and feelings andsafe spaces”.

    What a WASTE! The meek of mind shall inherit dirt, not the Earth.
    wo, what kind of accounting do they actually teach. What kind of economics do they teach? Our current system is not designed to last. It is designed to inflate bubbles – kubva 1873, in the USA, then ramping up in 1913, 1933 uye 1971.

  29. For thousands of years EVERY fiat currency has gone to zero value. The exceptions are gold and silver. Now bitcoin is controlled by nobody. I bought several hundred bitcoins 5 years ago at $250 each. Look at it nowbest investment in history. That is a fact.

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