ICO Greed, EOS Mainnet Drama, Kurt Russell Crypto Film – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsFantom ICO goes to the whales, EOS mainnet sees early drama, Kurt Russell will be in a crypto film, Ukrainians fricking love crypto, and Ethereum upgrades coming.

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Empowering Artists and Streamlining TalentZEEPIN

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Empowering Artists and Streamlining TalentZEEPIN

Karl from Zeepin and I discuss how ZPT is working to empower artists and creators by giving the a rich suite of tools. We also discuss the their game Crypto Galaxy and the relationship with Ontology and NEO.

Gepostet von The Crypto Lark am Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2018

Fantom ICO

CIA Bitcoin

CIA Doesn’t Deny Having Files on Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto

Ukraine Bitcoin

Ukraine Cryptocurrency

Kurt Russell Bitcoin

Kurt Russell Is Going to Be in a Cryptocurrency Movie

Sweden Blockchain

Sweden’s Land Registry Demos Live Transaction on a Blockchain

CBOE Ethereum Futures

SEC Has Removed ‘Stumbling Blockfor Ether Futures, Says Cboe

Ethereum Upgrades


BitGrail Bitcoin

Bitcoins Seized From Bankrupt BitGrail by Italian Authorities

Genesis Mining

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ICO Greed, EOS Mainnet Drama, Kurt Russell Crypto Film – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

27 mashoko

  1. The Russell Film will probably be what Hollywood wants it to be. Didn’t the CYA have something to do with the creation of BTC? Idk, just a rumor I heard. 😉

  2. We need more Decentralized exchanges. I think Future Contracts are really bad for the market. You know who doesn’t and most likely won’t have a Futures Contract for awhile, nezvimwewo. With this Coinbase announcement its going to pump. It was treated poorly in my opinion. It should have been supported from the beginning. Funny how BCH was though.

  3. Man who cares about this ICO. I am not buying that crap ever! Never. I only buy good old stuff. Because ICOS are the cancer that is hurting us. Bear market = many ICOs and people spending money in who will not re embers this money back in the market. You can say Buy buy 💰to your money. Yesterday I finally understood this problem as the one and only problem we have. You want cheep ‘coin’ ? Dogecoin. Do you want digital toke ? Digibite you want a money coin stellar. You want to play trading BTC LTC eth etc you want to hold foever NEO. so you see we do not need more coins. If new coins want to come into the market have to do it like the good old days. These new projects sell their coins and hold a large percentage of their coins. So they are millionaires from the beginning . Nothing Like what fresco did. It was great. No more ICOs. There is one new at day..!!! No more no lol

  4. Miner actor Kurt Russel? What is he mining? WIll he choose the devil Asics or stay with the sinking ship of GPU mining.

  5. Can you do a q and a with experts about best privacy coins and how it can play out with komodo and similar tech stacks

  6. I don’t doubt that the CIA has records of MR or MISS Satoshi Nakamoto, the CIA just don’t know who. se 911 they had the files of the suspects right under their nose. Clueless Intelligence Agency. Another great informative video, thank you 😊

  7. The movie will most certainly have a negative outlook on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Wouldn’t be surprised that it is a direct order material fromyou-know-who”, having the propaganda-video in Poland look like a muppet in comparison 😉

  8. Off course we all know who Satoshi is. It is …. CraigWright! Just Joking.

    I really dont care who Satoshi is and was. For me he shall always be the mysterious man who revolutionized the whole monetary system.

  9. Certain people within the CIA might know. The FED, MIT and certain individuals/groups with a certain bloodline were involved in creating the tech behind Bitcoin and Crypto. The longer i’m in crypto and the more I learn, the more I’m convinced that they have absolute control over this space. It is part of their plan.

  10. Possibly, but you can’t discount that there may have possibly been good actors behind it. Maybe on one of their deathbeds, like Deepthroat, we’ll find out whoSatoshi” ndizvo. (Bix Weir deduces that it’s Alan Greenspan. Remote viewers, a team. )

  11. Tiny Crypto BlogActors are script readers. Unless they were part of the writing/production team, same as it ever was. Russell is known to be outspoken on some issues, it will be interesting to see the ‘spinon crypto. Regarding the CYA..BTC thing, it goes way back. Late 60’s. I pay little to zero attention to BIX.

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