ICO For BeginnersWhy Most Americans Cannot Participate in ICO

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Due to Securities laws in the United States many Americans will not be able to participate in ICO's . Also finding work arounds to participate in ICO's through VPN's is NOT recommended by this channel. If you like an ICO project and live in America, you can wait for that coin to hit the Cryptocurrency Market and buy it on the exchange.

ICO For BeginnersWhy Most Americans Cannot Participate in ICO

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  1. Really appreciating the more advanced information you’ve all been providing recently. Thanks for bringing Matt onto the team as well, he’s right on your level intellectually and I’m grateful to be able to learn from you all.

  2. Jeffbuddyif you feed the trolls and whiners they will stick around. They don’t deserve the energy you put into them. I understand you want to help and build a rewarding and valuable community, but there will always be those that don’t measure up and have to getcut from the team”, so to speak. Spending energy on those that choose to be negative detracts from the energy you have to build and promote those that offer value.

  3. ichi. Jeff cares too much what these retards think. If I could throw two entire groups of people into a volcano, it would be whiners and tattle-tales.

  4. i used to like jeff, but his video’s now are more ranting then followed by some knowledge drop

  5. Thank you for telling us when it’s a sponsored video. I will choose to not watch it, but that’s just me.

  6. I just dont watch ANY sponsored videoI subbed to your channel because of the no-bs and honest knowlegde about crypto. But I understand, it takes allot of time and effort to make these videos so no sweat.

  7. So defensive talking about your sponsored contentWonder why 🧐 Either you should stop acting like a child or stop telling your viewers to stop acting like children. Don’t be a hypocrite

  8. Hey guys. I’ve been watching your videos for the past few months now and have been really helpful. But I noticed lately there is a lot of anger and ranting going on in your videos. I really enjoyed your chilled videos in the past. Anyway take the feedback how you may. Still watching your videos. Ramba wakadaro.

  9. Yes I agree with you, feels like he’s stooping to there levels. Kinda hard to watch when he does that.

  10. Yeah and needing to skip through the first few minutes of the video. Feels like we are getting scolded.

  11. If possible, please make a video for how to get into an ICO in detail. Love your videos 🙂

  12. Ehe! Can you guys please make the step by step video for icos? That would be very helpful! Thank you guys 🙏🏻

  13. Not a big fan man seeing you get stressed out over some of these idiot or comments.. love the channel and the contentkeep it up 👍

  14. KingByrdsEye Hey guys, I am a British citizen based in the UK and I could participate in any ico’s. I can’t imagine how frustrating it is to not be able to participate in a ico. I could actually help any US citizen by completing the kyc process for a fee. Just reply to this message with a email so I could contact you. Mufaro

  15. Thanks for the nice and short video. Loved it. I have been researching on ICO in sciecoin.com and they looked very promising too. Thanks again for the nice advice.

  16. Amazing one !! Your video was super helpful. I have been doing a lot of research and am super interested in SciDex.Their road map is very clear, quite helpful !!

  17. Wow your video was very much helpful easpecially for a person like me
    who is new to ICO. I have been doing a lot of research on ICOs and i am
    super interested in SciDex.

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