Hydrominer CEO InterviewThe Future of Green Mining

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Thanks to Nadine Damblon for sitting down with me to talk crypto.
You can check out their ICO here.

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Hydrominer CEO InterviewThe Future of Green Mining

32 mashoko

  1. Always, great interview Lark. You are an asset to the cryptocurrency revolution my friend. I’m glad to have found you.

  2. Cloud Mining using renewable energy? saka? Genesis Mining says hi.
    That girl seems to have only very basic understanding of her own operation and the website looks like someone pooped it out in 30 maminitsi.
    My gut feeling: Stay away!

  3. Lovely young lady 😉 #cwotiamsayin great job! she is f…ini…n…E….fine 😉 smart girl 😉

  4. Reward distributions for clouding mining should be opened and decentralized. I love cloud mining and have purchased a few contracts from several providers but I can never fully trust that they are distributing the rewards fairly. Eco friendly mining is great but decentralized distribution would be even better

  5. I understand how Cloud mining can be profitable for everyone involved but what I don’t understand is why would a miner offer cloud services?

  6. could you explain the difference ? what would be the fairest way for investors ? surely it would have some sort of auto selection of the best coins to mine . every month they take off costs and distribute percentage of profits to investors . otherwise its a gamble right (like geniesis ming and there ilk)

  7. Rent mining equipment at rates higher than you bought it for giving you cash to mine your own for free, good business model actually

  8. yeah, us big boys know when it’s time to jerk off to an interview vidsth. you gotta learn, kidor did you think this was about cryptos? hehe, poor child. you won’t make a penny in this market

  9. love coming back to the comments here;) get to see this lovely young lady again 😉

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