HUGE Vechain and CryptoCom MCO NEWS! BITCOIN Market Cap Over $200 Billion

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Big news for both VeChain and! MCO is launching their credit card in the US and VeChain has partnered with Walmart in China! Bitcoin also broke $200b market cap in a 17-month high.
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#Bitcoin Breaks $200 Billion Market Cap For the First Time in 17 Months

#MCO VISA Cards to Start Shipping in the US on 14th July 2019!
CRO lists on OKEX
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Walmart China Blockchain Traceability Platform is now powered by #VeChain Thor Blockchain

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HUGE Vechain and CryptoCom MCO NEWS! BITCOIN Market Cap Over $200 Billion

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  1. This is great news for Vechain but how will this US trading ban affect the overall price? Also how will US companies be able to use the token if they cant purchase it? Finally, why has the price of the token not reflected all of the partnerships? Some answers from some more intelligent people than I would be appreciated. Lol.

  2. Cooking oil is a huge problem in China believe it or not. People actually scrape oil from the gutters, clean it and sell it as vegetable oil. It’s called gutter oil and you never know what you’re buying when it comes to cooking oil. Go vchain! Problem solved.

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  6. I have great hope in crypto because the renowned Bitcoin analyst and investor Oliver Isaacs thinks that the cryptocurrency could reach $25,000 panozopera 2019.

  7. My colleagues who traded crypto following Diego’s teaching and program produced so much profit during the bear market and still made profits in crypto, I was shameful that I doubted him and that Bitcoin would drop to $1, rather than join them.

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  9. The Vechain partnership is extremely promising for the ecosystem as a whole, as it demonstrates that there is hope for alts as well (as opposed to only the main coins). In fact it fills me with confidence that top projects like Algorand (ALGOcutting edge blockchain) or Pledgecamp (PLG/CSdecentralized crowdfunding) will also be massively successful.

  10. You all better check out John Mcafee trading new platform. Also he is coming out with an exchange that will partner with one of the largest stock exchanges in America next month. He has a crypto debit card that is non KYC and you can use it with all your debit bank cards. It’s incredible so I would research it before I knock it.

  11. John Mcafee bitcoin debit card uses a new patent technology that scans QR codes to convert your bank debit card into crypto back to fiat before it ever hits the bank. It’s an awesome concept that will be adopted by all crypto cards. Also it’s non KYC which will be the only non KYC crypto card out there.

  12. Walmart usually has pharmacies, Vision prescriptions , jewelry and McDonald’s inside of them don’t forget

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