HUGE: Samsung Adds BITCOIN | Facebook Libra | BTC Correction | Nuls Reward Model

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Facebook has reportedly paid hundreds of contractors to transcribe users' audio chats! Not only is that disturbing, but​ it also affects their Libra cryptocurrency which Mattie will tell you more about. In other news, Samsung adds support for Bitcoin BTC in its blockchain KeyStore. Mattie will also touch base on NULS launching a new reward model.
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Facebook Paid Contractors to Transcribe Users’ Audio Chats
Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency is part of a disturbing financial trend

Facebook Covert Audio Sharing Casts Doubt Over Libra Privacy

Samsung adds support for Bitcoin in Blockchain KeyStore, New Samsung Galaxy S10 And Note10 Get Surprise Upgrade

Samsung Quietly Adds Bitcoin to its Blockchain Keystore

Cryptocurrency NULS Launched a New Reward Model

Exclusive: NULS Launched a New Reward Model

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HUGE: Samsung Adds BITCOIN | Facebook Libra | BTC Correction | Nuls Reward Model

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