HashFlare BACK UP?! SHA-256 Contract UPDATE

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In Vhidhiyo iyi, Mattie gives you an update on HashFlare cloud mining and their most recent activities. Are they back up?
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HashFlare BACK UP?! SHA-256 Contract UPDATE

43 mashoko

  1. This is good news, but the Bitcoin mining cost is still at or below the unit price right now. Hopefully there is a solution to make all of this more efficient.

  2. hash flare is a scam i put 3000 in different days i reinvest into arrive 38 th of hash power and then i start to receive bitcoin back i received almost 3000and theu closed payment. In the same time if i bougth btc now i will have 15000 usd in value

  3. They are a scam. They changed contracts from life time to one year. They are just trying to stop credit card withdrawals.

  4. I jus realized this channel and Jeff just give alotta bad advice. In fact there seems to be alot of shilling going on around here…. I’m gone.

  5. do u know how ETH mine works? (1)for advice it no need a miner ….. so think about abit deeper. after closing all contracts…(2) why is hashpower still going up, “kana” hashflare is one of the biggest cloud miner. so many red flags i will not mention here all

  6. Bad investment does not make it a scam. It could be a scam but if people were making money they wouldn’t care enough to complain.

  7. How much did you get paid for this? You know exactly what went on the past week and where this change in mind comes from, but you prefer to be a sellout

  8. If you check the company’s terms and see it can amend them at its own discretion, better stay away. especially if you dont trust 100%. otherwise you are the only one to blame afterwards

  9. well, you could say that to anythink in crypto, don’t invest in anything, BTC is low. That’s not about hashflare

  10. don’t invest in anything, not just hashflare, market is going through the biggest crisis, it’s not about a single company

  11. Not really sure on that. Hashflare has been very profitable for lot of people. And about credit cards. It also depends on your bank

  12. +animator toons they are both not scam. Cloud mining going through hard times thats all. Give them some time

  13. My contract is active now. Hashflare was having problems because of low price of bitcoin and big expenses. Mukufunga kwangu, we need wait better situation, which will be in the future year. New Year is coming to us!)

  14. Ehe, I think hashflare is just a bad investment. zvakadaro hazvo, they act under the contract

  15. It’s a bad time to invest in any cloud mining service. Furthermore hashflare contracts are out of stock now

  16. pashure 5 months so much happened, but hashflare is still alive and struggling

  17. ​+bee farm don’t invest, its better not live nowadays. Too risky and dangerous. Really open eyes and look what is with btc!

  18. I decided to postpone the rejection of Hashflare contracts till the situation will get stable. Want to be confident about the correctness of my actions

  19. It was really good news!) But I think it is not right time to get back money from own account and cancel contract. It will be possible gain more profit if we wait little bit more!)

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