Grain ICOPowerful Solution for Labor on the Blockchain

Best Crypto Broker ==► Start Here ICO is bring the oil needed to run labor contracts on the blockchain. The team is strong, there is a prototype ready, first transaction partner announced, and a roadmap with near term goals make this ICO one worth checking out!

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First Transaction partner –

Prototype –

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Grain ICOPowerful Solution for Labor on the Blockchain

29 mashoko

  1. INVACIOI see this AI ICO as one of the best investment opportunities of 2018! Solid project and team that was established 5 makore apfuura. What are your thoughts?

  2. TRADING TIME 2018 Completely agree. The team is incredible and already working with nato, nasa and government. Not many icos can claim that!

  3. Huge competition for this type of service. While a pension fund is a nice idea, 1% is really nothing. I do about 25% of gross annually on my pension.
    Private defined benefit plan:
    Employee 10%
    Employer 10%
    Nationally managed pension:
    Employee 2.5%
    Employer 2.5%

    Unless you make huge amounts of money, 1% won’t add up to much, and if you do make huge amounts, you probably don’t need it.

    Thanks for the review, Lark!

  4. Imagine a world where everyone’s Social Security funds are on the blockchain under their own personal control, and cannot be stolen or embezzled by Congress. It seems like that is what this is moving us closer to

  5. Thank you Lark for the good work. Do you think you could do a review on ProximaX and/or NKN? I enjoy your stuff man.

  6. I actually tweeted this project to you during their presale. Thank you for being clear that Grain is not a marketplace. Strong team and advisors, disruptive idea, working prototype, enterprise solution. The Grain token is one of few that can’t be substituted by using ether, the token actually has utility via the insurance liquidity.

  7. Peter J holy crap! It happened, been so busy this weekend I only just noticed , thanks for being along on this crazy ride

  8. This seems like a great leap into the future we all want to see in the Crypto ecosystem. Thanks for the heads up Lark!!!! Rocking the info as always!!!! The Larkster!!!!…

  9. Uuugh, paid for shill. The Token Metrics for this sale are terrible. They have up to 30% of total tokens for public sale, but not looking like they will sell out. Meaning an even smaller % will be controlled by public ICO participants. Supply > demand, so price will react accordingly. Anyone who buys will immediately get dumped on by private investors who’ve paid much less. Partners or advisers (or paid YouTube reviews) who have been given tokens. If they had auctioned the 30% (like DragonChain did) it ‘mighthave been worth keeping an eye on and contributing in the last days of ICO if the numbers lined up.

  10. hey, keep up the great work, could you look into sentinel protocol, its on the ICON blockchain.

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