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In Vhidhiyo iyi, Mattie is talking about Governments adopting blockchain as well as news about John McAfee's wallet, BitFi. Uyu daily chidimbu!
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Government Blockchain Adoption is SKY-ROCKETINGToday's Crypto News

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  1. Zvichakadaro….in the UK PM T.May and her gang of nit wits still havent sorted the UK crypto legislation….on the plus side i confirm gbp feature in coinbase is seemless….

  2. We should be trying to get the government to attack Bitcoin, not legalize it.

    The more governments attack Bitcoin the more censorship resistant and decentralized it’ll become in order to survive.

    I’m not interested with working with governments. I’m interested in undermining them and creating avenues to get around them.

  3. I work in defense contracting. There is a huge push for blockchain tech. They just dont know how to achieve mass adoption. We are likely 10 years away from it being a functional reality.

  4. I just had my tattoo removed and the clinic accepted cryptocurrency.
    They are in Grand Rapids Mi.

  5. sorry man but thats BS/smoke and mirrors and simply not good enoughI know Brexit can go the way of the pear but there is more than one dept in the uk Goivernement….i stopped using Coinbase just after the FCA approved the coinbase/barclays licence announcement to act as a financial institution in the uk….legislation should have been in place by then….im not invested heavily in crypto as still in my first year apprenticeship so to speak.
    i had to cash out due to circumstances and have taken this bottoming out as a chance to reset and start againim back on coinbase but as a shrewder investor….when the time is right and the signals are there i will apply what tradining skills i have learnt this year …..

  6. Totally understand & agree.
    I was being cynical.
    UK missed an opportunity in blockchain/fintech technology.
    Even France is doing more to get foreign tech firms to over now.
    Pity that.

  7. As much as they do not want it, but the government will not go anywhere from the blockchainThis is an inevitable future for all free humanity, which has already been predetermined by someone over

  8. kmd 50k tps , & decentral exchange , then skycoin allowing original satoshi vision p2p network private secure internet only thing more valuable then money is info thats what sky is , and then also Icx has a ecosystem that is self evolving

  9. Feniks has all the chances to become a leader in market capitalization! Its technical characteristics exceed all my expectations !

  10. After I received 20 000 free coins from ZILLIQA airdropwww .best-airdrops. info/zil/ref444478765, I begin to trust in freebie :)))

  11. Ahno Nymuz clown? The only clown here is the guy who said it would tank below 6k and was too much of a puss to put his money where his mouth is and post proof of you shorting btc. It’s still above 6k and you’re out here tryna talk trash dummy

  12. +08crewcab I think u don’t know how to read lol. Look I said in few days. 24 hrs is not even yet done already down $1000. This clownass got rekt always believe in stupid hype news

  13. Ahno Nymuz lmao I didn’t get wrecked* cum dumpster. I’ve been HODLing since BTC was at $1200. No one knows what’s going to happen but BTC is pointed at the moon just a matter of time until we get there. Because it drops 12% you’re up on your high horse like you know everything ha ha grow up that’s an unregulated market

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