GOOD NEWS: Ethereum NOT a Security, the SEC Confirms

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In Vhidhiyo iyi, Mattie talks about the recent news concerning Ethereum not being classified as a security by the SEC.
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Ethereum Not A Security, the SEC confirms


Is Ethereum A Security?

SEC announces cryptocurrency ether is not a security

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Bitcoin and ether are not securities, but some initial coin offerings may be, SEC official says

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GOOD NEWS: Ethereum NOT a Security, the SEC Confirms

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  1. BBBBOOOMMMMM I can see ETH hitting $2500 or more at EOY

    If the SEC doesn’t see BTC and ETH as securities that means ICOs are securities

  2. Best crypto channel on youtube!! Love you guys!! Also nice website with a lot of interesting news!

  3. Tradove b2b bbc is the Sec confirmed company. Get it before it moons in few months. Im dead serious

  4. If Ethereum is not a Security like we all knew I wouldn’t have cared what the SEC had to say! What do they consider Bitcoin then? Ok my bad I just heard that Bitcoin is not a Security like Ethereum according to the SEC.

  5. I thought Bitcoin was supposed to be dead over 20 times by now
    The next drop in price it’s going to be dead for sure and then the one after that and then the one after that and then the one after that and then the one after that

  6. Why is it not being a security a positive news?Just wanted to understand the pros and cons of being and not being a security.

  7. I’m not an expert on the topicbut from my understanding if any crypto were made to be a security then they would have to become compliant with SEC regulations. Exchanges that traded the crypto would also have to meet regulation. That could result in several exchanges dropping that crypto and the price and use of it dropping dramatically.

  8. Aren’t exchanges allowing people to buy coins and tokens with cash? So won’t eth and btc still fall?

  9. Harish Vattikuti good question they kept saying we need regulation in order for big money to come in and now it’s not a going to be regulated its a good thing lol

  10. Do you want to drive Lamborghini? Maybe I would like to have a cliff villa with beautiful girls? Then invest in Odyssey! If you are a rough sleeper and dead beat, take part in the giveaway

  11. if it was deemed a security, that would mean only accredited investors could buy Ethereum in the future. And to become an AI you must be a millionaire.

  12. Large Bud Gaming so are you saying institutions are allowed to invest in eth and other crypto since it’s not a security now?

  13. It almost sounds like you are saying that if a person goes there and sends eth to an address they will get 10X more sent back to themand yet everyone know’s that will never happen. What gives?

  14. Well in short , securities are assets that a 3rd party or central party (share holders) is expecting a ROI-return of investmentSo most ICO’s aka pump n dumps would be a security. Not all tho. So because Bitcoin and ether are TRULY decentralized that means there’s no 3rd party involved and in summary not a security…. Hope this helps

  15. Jesse U yeah that helps a lot institutions can’t invest money so it’s not good they weren’t labeled as a security

  16. 4:35 He say’s in all seriousness… ” I’m SO excited that my reading has gone down to a 3rd grade level, my apologies🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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