Going For a Ride With Airswap ExchangeCryptocurrency With Low Market Cap

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Thank you to a community member who has recommended the AST Airswap Exchange to our channel on Instagram and now we have made a video talking about this exchange who also has Mike Novogratz as an advisor.

Going For a Ride With Airswap ExchangeCryptocurrency With Low Market Cap

49 mashoko

  1. I was about to go to the gym but my altcoin buzz notification came in. Got me on my alt gainz in!


  3. You have a ridiculous effect on the market Jeff. It went from .75 kuti 1.40 in a matter of minutes after you posted this video

  4. Steve Brule j7st hold. Will double in 24hrs. Ted filling in. Depth chart for buys is massive.

  5. Kind of nonsense. Coinbase said that because they simply had to following the ridiculous debacle and insider trading with BTC Cash. Plus they would deny those rumors as whole regardless anyway. They aren’t confirming or denying anything about what coins will be added or when. If you’re in Ripple and wanna take some profits good for you. zvisinei, make sure to save some because if it does ever hit Coinbase, well, ya know.

  6. Tony Collora i was going to buy this yesterday lol smh son of a. So far in 5 months all i have been saying is. Damn it shoulda invested more lmfao

  7. lol I do too, but I hate when it’s in your pocket and it skips through 10 minutes because you can’t close youtube on your phone! haha

  8. Matt Coriell
    Hahaha. Get an arm band. Don’t wear it so tight or it will squeeze the button and close the video depending on the arm band. It’s annoying LOL. I’ll take off my armband during arm related exercises for that purpose. Plus, get Bluetooth earbuds. I reverse the phone away from the clear screen. I just want to listen and I don’t want folks looking at my video screen LOL. If on treadmill, I guess you can look at screen then. 👍🏾

  9. I do not trust Joe Lubin/Consensys or anything associated with him

    Joe Lubin is found out to be incompetent and dishonest, according to Forbes. Semagumo, ConsenSys is in a mess. Doesn’t sound trustworthy to me!

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