Globitex ICOCreating the Bitcoin Economy

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The team at Globitex are working on creating the Bitcoin economy of the future via their exchange which will incorporate complex financial instruments, precious metals, and commodities.

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Globitex ICOCreating the Bitcoin Economy

33 mashoko

  1. Pillar please would like to have your review . Thanks bro . Do you do only sponsoring review 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  2. BEST COINS so far BLZ ECN TKY all three of these coins went up just before I bought them 🙂 AMAZING

  3. Pillar raised in red period so people should know what is plr token. Continues your good work i like your channel !

  4. Globitex and Bankera are frontrunners, and are going to be huge imo. Already invested in the latter. Globitex’s next: fma, low price, nice token distribution, good team, dividends, token burnthe positives are endless. Might not moon, but will most likely not tank either.

  5. This is surprising. I didn’t realize until I looked that Lark hasn’t touched on Pillar yet.

  6. actually a nobrainer with that low mcap of only 12m usd

    coss has 40 miriyoni, bibox 80m, kucoin 570m and binance 900m AFTER this heavy correction

  7. Just had a dream in my chair where cryptolark was john snow and came to save me from the winter

  8. Hi Jay Jay, thanks for the message. it is hard to get to review all of the projects out there for sure. Only so many hours in the day 🙁 No, I of course do not only do sponsored content, I make about 12-15 videos a week. At max 2 are sponsored. All are ad free. I will put Pillar on this week’s community coin vote !

  9. I am bullish on this project, will a competitor come, sure, but there will be room for many, they have first mover advantage

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