Global Elites Scared of Bitcoin, Mock Taxes, & Other Anecdotes of Davos World Economic Forum

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The World Economic Forum is on in Davos again. Blockchain not Bitcoin is on the agenda. Ripple and Ethereum are in town to represent crypto. Billionaires mock taxes.



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Global Elites Scared of Bitcoin, Mock Taxes, & Other Anecdotes of Davos World Economic Forum

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  1. Govt is not ran on taxes. Govt runs on money creation. Taxation is only is place as a control mechanism at this time.

  2. To Ocasio Cortez’s point, if I made a lot of money: I don’t think anybody or any government has the right to 70% of MY money after the effort, blood, sweat, tears, loss of sleep, health, or relationships, or what I have gone thru in education or lifelong hard work to build my business or dream. No one has that right. It’s a tough subject, I know. I work for rich people and they bust their butts and I see what they give up, it bothers me immensely when people/governments try to ride their tail coats and take their money from them.

  3. Then they will do McAfee move and move to tax havens. Bureaucracy and spending money on military and imaginary wars is the biggest problem. This won’t happen soon, because people are too aggressive and paranoid to get rid of weapons and armies. It will take thousands of years.

  4. Zvakare, I love your frame of mind, your global opinion on politics and the ruling systems…. Awesome 👏 ✌️

  5. Don’t agree. A flat tax is much better. Punishing people for being rich only appeals to those who want more money. But once they get more they change their mind about such high tax rates for the rich. With a flat tax the rich will still pay more but it’ll be fair.

  6. Love the shirt today. Socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor. Oh, and convince the poor that socialism isn’t working. It seems to work for Bank of America, Exxon, and Lockheed. Trickle down is more like getting pissed on, it’s a LIE, a BIG LIE we continue swallow.

  7. yeah you are exactly right it is befuddling how people who make 50k per year defend the .01% so fervently but notice its the ones on the right. they want to slash social programs and completely against universal healthcare which is something we should have done decades ago like every other first world country. to boot they suggest we would become like Venezuela which isnt even on the top 10 list of most socialist countries. its insanity!

  8. Mark, your politics are starting spill over. It went from trickle-trickleand now approaching deluge levels. I now bring an umbrella every time I’m about to watch one of your videos.
    Dollars to donuts, many of your loyal US viewers are probably solid capitalists. Now that’s fine if you don’t care about ‘those dollar grubbing, MAGA-hat-wearing conservatives’ … or if your politics supersede all elseIt’s your channel after all.
    But recognize for most of uscrypto is first and foremost apolitical. Just saying.
    All the best my brother.

  9. +The Crypto Lark Hey man, so you’re a raving lefty who occasionally makes me spill my coffee on my shirtbut you give back to the community with hard work, sound analysis, and important insight. And your heart’s in the right place. That’s what really matters to me.
    You owe me a new shirt btw. 😉

  10. +The Crypto Lark You’re awesome Lark. Keep the good thought-provoking material coming. Dialogue is good for seeing perspectives. 😊

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