Genesis Vision CTO Dmitry Nazarov Interview

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The CTO from Genesis Vision GVT Dmitry and I discuss trust, forex, their platform and the latest from the crypto space in Russia.

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Genesis Vision CTO Dmitry Nazarov Interview

34 mashoko

  1. Great work Lark! Nice to see a indepth video in this form in addition to your previous video’s on GVT. Definitely one of my favourite projects, so much potential!

  2. Genesis Vision doesn’t care market crash. They work for a real product. GVT will find ıts value in anyway

  3. Interesting Interview!! Please say something about the upcoming monero fork with MoneroV in your upcoming vid

  4. Martina Batzlol stop being silly i dont buy anything unless they have atleast a working prototype i am not saying i wont invest in gvt when they reach this point. I have never took an L and i am happy with my big bag of wanchain so i am not jealous of anyones gvt bag

  5. I have even more confidence in the project now. Can easily be a 1bn market cap project and with such low supply would mean a 300 dollar per token

  6. This could also be an interesting way for people in countries where there are bans to stay involved. Rather than having to use VPN for every trade, just use VPN once, give GVT tokens to favourite trader, let them trade then get them back and cash out.

  7. Great interview! GVT is one of the hidden gems. Super low total supply and the market its going after is 70+ tiririyoni.

  8. its a shitcoinyou’re a pleb. The entire market is in speculation stage, also they have a working demo.

  9. This is by far the best use case for blockchain. It will transform the standards of wallstreet.

  10. Wow… why have I never heard of this coin before. Thank you for this great video Crypto Lark!

  11. Ehe, 1bn MC is what I speculate also. Nice and conservative. Beware of telegram group with this coin though, full of moon children and overly optimistic predictions.

  12. Good strategy. Good to be skeptic until proven wrong. If only we had someone like you in telegram group. It is become a joke the community of coins. Like crazy rats attacking everything and anything that comes near criticising their coin, and shaking them out of their dreams.

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