Gaming Crypto Enjin Exploding with Samsung Partnership & Thriving Ecosystem

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Enjin is on fire at the moment, with the Samsung partnership confirmed and a thriving eco-system leveraging the power of ERC1155 tokens

kuburitsa: This is an unpaid review for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, Pakunyora uye varindi kuti zvinangwa dzidzo. Uyezve, I currently do not hold and Enjin coin.

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Gaming Crypto Enjin Exploding with Samsung Partnership & Thriving Ecosystem

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  2. I’m not a gamer but I’ve heard a lot of cynicism from gamers about games that are impossible to play without buying a bunch of in game items which should come with the game when you buy it. It’s very easy for a game creator to get pretty greedy, trying to use the players as serfs who must pay and pay. I’ve heard of grassroots boycots being organized by gaming by gamers on social media. Most recently there was some kind of game based in the old west that got a lot of hate due to how greedy the producers became. If you don’t pay you have to spend days playing the game while you try to scrape together enough pennies for a pair of boots and some dried meat. We have enough of that sort of stress in the real world. LOL. It’s an interesting space though.
    kuti akati, we’re only just exiting the crytpo winter so every one of these assets have a lot of room to run now before we reach the top of the next bull market. I think we’ll all be smiling a couple years from now (except for those who get sucked into the next bitconnect).

  3. Lark not complaining but you are one of the first to tell us about this coin. It would be really handy to have gotten the info before the big pump. Right 🙂

  4. Enjin was one of my favorite coin two years ago I have seen the huge potential, you re right the video games will bring the cryto adoption, it’s more clear that a gamer understand much more quicker the concept of crypto, exchanging digital items or assets it’s definitively linked! I was an ex gamer and it helps me to invest to undertand peer to peer (thank you emule and Napster by the way ;), I think enjin will become clearly a key company in the video games industry

  5. Gaming with ENJ . . . on the Galaxy S10 . . . has Got to be Pure Awesomeness.
    Yet . . . Will the American Audience Get It . . . before Mocking It to the Other Side of the Existential Parallel Universe.
    The Game . . . Age of Rust . . . Looks and Sounds Exciting .

  6. +The Crypto Lark I know buddy, totally understand. One way could be through channel updates. Like headlineSamsung potential partnership with enjin, video coming out soon. Just an idea, if it works for you.

  7. Im have been super curious about what makes Enjin coin stand out. Glsd to know a bit more . Only thing that problem i can see is people speculating on price so much that the average gamer cannot afford to buy the ingame items.

  8. It’s important for people to do their own researchwe can’t expect others to identify everything for us as it’s impossible due to the sheer number of cryptos out there and all the other stuff going on. Fortunately I found out about ENJ quite a long while ago but rather than cash in during the pump, I’m still hodlingI feel that there’s still plenty of growth ahead.

  9. Lark shilling games and talking about crypto news all in one video….this channel is just getting better and better….love it <3

  10. +Galactic Warrior lol I thought me watching peoples videos on crypto was me researching. I also think there is still a lot of upwards momentum for that coin. It looks like it is dropping right now.

  11. +Work With Nature haha, yes of course watching videos is part of the research but as Lark implied, there isn’t capacity to cover it all. I found ENJ through a crypto subscription servicethey research, assess and recommend cryptos against set criteriaI don’t always accept these though until I’ve read the material myself and decide from there (ie. their reports, Website, white paper, project aims/timelines etc). It’s challenging trying to pick the ones that are most likely to succeed, no doubt about it! ENJ will go up and down for a while I suspect but I sense good long term prospectsBUT who really knows in crypto where anything can happen!

  12. Gaming stocks seem to be the most robust and stable. Maybe we’ll see the same pattern in crypto

  13. Quality enjin review Lark!

    Never had a single doubt about enjin but it’s kinda weird to be holding this since 2017 and suddenly seeing it take the world by storm.
    For 1,5 year people didn’t want to be found dead with me and my enjin.. 😂

  14. It seems like the movie Ready Player One,which was a good movie, was based on where it looks like this is trying to go

  15. Aw, c’mon, murume. What’s wrong with bitconneeeeect? You get to earn 1% monthly in perpetuity… ; )

  16. This looks great, I prefer THETA because it’s a protocol and more generic. I need to do a deeper dive into the Enjin Whitepaper though. There’s definitely room for more than one coin in the gaming space…..

  17. Exactly….. The dip’s right around the corner. If I had an information channel, I’d advise to waite for the dump! wo, “this is NOT finacial advice”….🤗

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