G20 Says Cryptocurrency Not A Threat To Global Financial Stability

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In an unexpected turn of events, the Financial Stability Board of the G20 noted that "The FSB’s initial assessment is that crypto-assets do not pose risks to global financial stability at this time."

This came at a time when the market was near the weakest it had been in months, and anything overtly negative may have sent it spiraling further into a tailspin.

G20 Says Cryptocurrency Not A Threat To Global Financial Stability

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  1. I’d love if we would move forward, ignoring these oligarchs and their constraints, and building freedom for the regular people. isn’t that what cryptocurrency is all about?!?

  2. i feel that around the same time next year we will start to see lots of regulation. this year for crypto is going to be huge.

  3. Bad Santa ya pretty much summed that upi jus want a little financial freedom and a nest egg,tired of being working poor! I want to create wealth! ndakatendeuka 2500 into about 45000 thru dumb luck but I have plans for it😉

  4. My Electra coin has doubled in volume and is trending as 2nd most gains in the market. Looking good and got soem Cardano at .14.

  5. in my opinion, the current monetary system is weakening .
    Their is part of a slow progression in the blockchain world.
    The governments and banks don’t want the public to rush in to cryptos .
    nekuti, that could breakdown the current financial system

  6. I think that secretively, the banks love crypto because it’s like an unregulated stock market where BIG whales can take the little man’s money away 🙂

  7. i love the way you think. because you are probably right lol. also i think they like the crypto market to be volatile because they can slowly take the sheeps money while building their crypto portfolio.

  8. and since when has true crypto investors cared about government approval?
    This only means the big money will start to flow in with more confidence for the future.

  9. its gonna keep going down i luv it buy top coins cheap hodl for the future when mass adoption starts happening which is in a while yet. Watch the last few trevon james videos very informative but also many experts saying it will drop to 2 grand .For me i like it as can buy more bitcoin and main coins ready for future i like it you should to.

  10. There’s probably some big whales out there right now, loading up on cheap crypto. When the market hits 600 bhiriyoni, the average Joe starts to get a FOMO-boner again: “oh my gawd?? XRP is at $3?? honey I invested your 401K in cripple, you can thank me later!!” And now the prices slowly start skyrocketing again. Whales already looking for a nice exit strategy so they sell a bit at ATH. Then dump everything. TypeB O G G E Dinto youtube and watch the first video. Explains everything!

  11. Much prefer the volume of Steve’s videos than Jeff’s.
    Steve’s is perfect.
    Jeffs too quiet these days. Maybe new mic? Maybe new software? Or maybe lack of enthusiasm due to the market 😂.
    Chero nzira, Jeff if you read this please make your sound louder 🙂

  12. Soooo what’s the good news? Feel like I might of miss something you said.

    Regulation and taxation on cryto is not a good thing. They’re trying to regain back control. The very opposite of what crytocurrency made for.

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