G20 Crypto Rules, Coinbase Gets Political & Sunken Treasure ICO – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsG20 finalizing legislation around crypto, Coinbase gets political, Ross Ulbricht case gains momentum, Hashflare cancels contracts, and will there be a sunken treasure ICO?


G20 Eyes October Deadline for Crypto Anti-Money Laundering Standard

G20 Part 2

G20: ‘Crypto-Assets Can Deliver Significant Benefits’

Crypto Ads

Amy Castor, Crypto Expert, Talks QuadrigaCX at MPWR Summit

Coinbase PAC

Fortune 40 under 40

Ross Ulbricht


Hashflare Drops Bitcoin Mining Contracts As Profitability Dwindles



Wanchain’s Bridge to the Ethereum Blockchain Is Now Open


New Zealand Supply Chain

Sunken Treasure on the Blockchain

Proton Mail ICO

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G20 Crypto Rules, Coinbase Gets Political & Sunken Treasure ICO – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

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  1. Hello Lark, i want u to do research on Armenias election on blockchain, they are gonna vote on blockchain. Please look into it, its really positive

  2. Wow! A Trillion Dollar Blockchain. I see that coming. Not sure it will be ADA. Definitely Bitconnect on the comeback will hit $Trillion when all the major banks begin to fail. #WalkAwayFromFiat. Long live Bitconnect. Aloha Lark. 😂

  3. Ehe, crypto and politics do collide re: Coinbase. It came up in your stream. NEM you said?:)) Thanks for your hard work. Always.

  4. Could be the ultimate ICO scam, with just a photoshopped image of a sunken ship instead of a whitepaper 🙂

  5. Google lifts the ban on ads………Right at the bottom of the market just after they spent 6 months accumulating it themselves 🙂
    Yeah a big cynic lol 🙂 🙂

  6. It would be nice if Cardano could fix an hardware wallet support before making such statement!! Haven’t invest into ADA for that and that reason only so farkinda frustrati

  7. How do you keep up with All that’s going on, Thanks for keeping us informed. Appreciate your work
    HODL ON Bro

  8. @2:26 “I’d bet your bottom dollarwell thanks Lark but my bottom dollar is already pretty sore at the moment due to altcoins. 😉

  9. any clues if hashflare was just an elaborate scam? i never got in and just starting researching best mining methods but damn, sorry and that sux

  10. You are my far best Crypto Lark. I really like your videos !! There are new potentials ICO’s lurking like Qravity and AgentMile 😕 What do you think is there a chance for something new.

  11. You’re defs one of the most colourful and stylish crypto YouTube Lark. I always get curious as to what kind if shirt you’ll be wearing next time we see you 😉👍

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