Fusion The Fabric of Crypto Finance & Bringing Billions To Blockchain Economy

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Fusion is working to brings billions in financial products into the crypto economy via their innovative and powerful tech aimed interoperability and being the fabric of the financial economy and the internet of value.
Twitter – https://twitter.com/FUSIONProtocol
teregiramu – t.me/FUSIONFoundation
Website – https://fusion.org/

kuburitsa: This is an SPONSORED interview for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, Pakunyora uye varindi kuti zvinangwa dzidzo. Uyezve, Ini Pari handina paakapiwa basa iri, asi anogona kufunga kudaro munguva yemberi.

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Fusion The Fabric of Crypto Finance & Bringing Billions To Blockchain Economy

23 mashoko

  1. Love the eastern time zone friendly upload. 😁 Interested to see what John is all about 🤜🤛

  2. They cracked the interoperability problem, this is revolutionary and an evolution of the blockchain technology!

  3. Great interview LarkI really appreciate the follow-up on these under the radar projects that have been quietly building solutions for global adoption. Cross-chain Time value of financial assets is hugely applicable for enterprises in so many industries in addition to the future value of the Lark channel type of assets! Interestingwarrants further research!

  4. Welcome to join our telegram. We can help you set up a node anytime. Between Quantum swap, Asset gateway, Distributed Control Rights Mechanism, and Time Value functions I can’t see anything else building as complete of a financial disruptor. check out: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-fusion-blockchain/singapore-start-up-secures-12-3-billion-in-assets-for-blockchain-platform-idUSKCN1IX5EE, https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2019/04/08/1798925/0/en/World-Class-Cryptographers-Join-Forces-with-Fusion-to-Build-Superior-Blockchain-Interoperability-and-Distributed-Custodial-Solution.html uye https://www.digitalassetsummit.io/

  5. not only cut the banker middlemen but the lawyer middlemen who draw up the contracts and the title search middlemen it costs a fortune to close on a house. soon blockchain will reshape appraisals, insurance, even realtors might be cut out of the deal. Andrew Yangs idea of UBI will be needed after AI and machine learning robotics take over more jobs and distributed ledger tech eliminates many jobs it seems likely

  6. Amazing to see fusion on your channel! They are doing extremely well on their payable test net, quantum swaps, time locks….its come a long way! I cant wait for their mainnet next. They are surely building in this bear market.

  7. I don’t think that most people realise just how important Fusion is going to be. Great interview. John is a clear thinking master and DJ Qian the founder is a genius. Thanks Lark!

  8. Thanks Lark, I have been following Fusion for some time. I think they are building a great product and service. I especially love when projects speak about accessibility to everyone not just a select few.

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