Fusion / FSN Review – Blockchain for Finance

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Fusion is offering a robust finance focused blockchain to help bring in the new internet of values era. Let's see how they intend to do that and look at the FUD behind the project.

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Fusion / FSN Review – Blockchain for Finance

31 mashoko

  1. #noshavetill20k 7am morning coffee and fusion vid Nice!!!!!!! #cryptolarknation #lofijazz #lofihiphop lol loving the logo in the bottom left nice! gonna have to make some t-shirts,hmmm somethin i can do for the new web site 😉 if you ever get me onboard :(………………..did i hear you were gonna loan me money? think i did hear that in the video hahaha thank you,,this video is a massive MIC DROP well done Lark

  2. lark u r unbeatable king of youtubers……if someone listen properly your video they have definitely better idea that they have invest in project or still need to wait or do more research in project because u alway left keyword for your followers.
    I first time seen your video is GVT review(in end of FEBRUARY) …it was to late to buy at very low price high potential project but still I invested 2000$ in GVT at high price but I got idea that lost of upcoming.
    if you have some time can u make short video on best privacy coins that they have Hugh potential in upcoming time ,specially on DEEP ONION and others who u think win game of privacy coins, I m not expert but I think this year is going to privacy coins …..
    one more question who is better competitor for Genisis vision ..?
    thanks for your time and efforts that u provide really helpful information for your followers
    take my work that oneday u will BITCOIN of youtubers……….god bless you my friend

  3. Message to all crypto youtubers : please stop reviewing this coin. I’m trying to accumulate at a bottom :p

  4. FUD has largely been answered, in detail. Those who know, are in the know, and know this is the time to accumulate. 🙂

  5. Lark my brother absolutely love your vids. By far ma fave Cryptonemist. Always excellent insight, content and banter. Keep up the great work brother.

  6. Fusion is the little smart guy being bullied by the older tough guys. But everyone knows what happens to the smart guy when he grows up.

  7. Cheers Corey ! Still trying to work on the overall framework of what I want to set up, but something is coming, hold tight

  8. Just may be the case, really keen to see what they deliver, the whitepaper is definitely exciting

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