Friday News RoundupWePower, Bancor, Lisk, Ark, Bitcoin Cash

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The latest news from the hottest coins ! WePower in high level talks, Bancor partners with EOS, Lisk relaunch, Ark continues development, and Bitcoin Cash goes from resorts to charity.

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General News 1:00
WePower 5:15
Bancor 6:30
Lisk 7:52
Ark 9:13
Bitcoin Cash 10:20

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Friday News RoundupWePower, Bancor, Lisk, Ark, Bitcoin Cash

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  1. Hey dude on the internet, good stuff once again! Could you take a look at the AdBank project?

  2. Great roundup for the week! 🙂 Lark, will you ever do a review on Siacoin and other competitors in that space (like Maidsafe, StorJ, Filecoin, Archain etc.)? I wanna hear your opinion about blockchain for cloud storage and if it is the best solution for it!

  3. Whewhappy sold my BAR at 1.4 … Thanks for the update .. LarkI love your channel.

  4. You are one of the best out there bringing us real content , no shillings. keep it up mate.
    Love from Greece


  5. Been watching your show almost daily since August. What a ride it’s been Keep it up!

  6. Been watching since you were under 10k subs haha keep it up! 0xE11f1d1c3A6f7BB35E352acD290AE45BEbA21E91

  7. Just a dude. Commenting about cryptocurrencies. On the internet.

  8. Thank you for your nice videos Lark.. Long live block chain.
    paEti: 0xe355598e3D3031a24B8E07941A63581EE0f0A396

  9. Thank you for covering every coin, including Bitcoin Cash. Community members will label anyone talking about Bitcoin Cash in a positive light as idiotic. Enough with crypto politics.

  10. Again thank you Lark for amazing content.
    Looking forward for all future reviews, interviews and latest news.

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