Friday News Roundup – chiremwaremwa, vara, Ripple, mari, NOT, Litecoin

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This week we cover the latest news from BAT, vara, Ripple, mari, NOT, and Litecoin!

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Friday News Roundup – chiremwaremwa, vara, Ripple, mari, NOT, Litecoin

29 mashoko

  1. HI. I just sold some Alis for ,52 cents should i buy Litecoin / Cardano or Iota dont owned Iota yet do so with litecoin 5 only and a couple of Cardano. what would be your move. THANKS!

  2. Hi crypto lark, one theoretical question, is it possible that some big corp. like microsoft or similar buy rights on iota or buy iota as protocol and privatize it, kana … you know what i mean 🙂 ? ty

  3. Thanks for all your great videosbut is it maybe possible to adjust the micro level a bit higher?

  4. NPreally love your analysis and comments, but have to turn volume to about 80% and when tuning to other YT vids afterwards I almost get acoustic trauma every timeLOL

  5. Can anyone tell me how i can get to show 1h, 24h and 7d % growth like in the video?

  6. Hi lark- this is my first comment on to your videos. I am following your crypto sessions since 2 mwedzi. you are just amazing!! Long Live.
    Stay Blessed!

  7. You only saidHey it’s the Crypto Larkyou don’t sayin his wellingtonsanymore 🙁

  8. dude, i love your videos some much 🙂 wish to drink beer with you 🙂 or smoke joint 😀

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