Free Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker | FinTab Review

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This is a Sponsored ICO Review. With that being said, we only feature ICOs that we think in our opinion has potential.

Check out Fintab, which is a free portfolio tracking app that is currently available on Google Play and also a web version. They are also currently holding their ICO that will go on until January 30, 2018 if you are interested in participating in that too.

You can learn more about it on this link

This portfolio tracker is free to use for individuals, but serious traders who need more features, or larger crypto funds will need to pay for the premium services. FinTab will eliminate the need for using google sheets and excel files for manually tracking your cryptocurrency purchases and trades.

This video was sponsored, and brought to you without ads thanks to the FinTab team.

Free Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker | FinTab Review

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  1. Blockfolio is free and works too. Sometimes the servers are offline, but never more than an hour. It’s great for record keeping, especially for tax purposes.

  2. Delta is easily the best and MOST ACCURATE! at tracking also super quick to update stats and this is coming from a long time blockfolio fan. Delta Just crushes every other portfolio tracker plus it looks the most clean. Needless to say its what I and a lot of other friends now use.

  3. CoinTracking offers tracking currencies including a tax report already including APIs for the paying members

  4. Also API support for delta coming up in Q1! At least that’s what Nicolas Van Hoorde of Delta said in a comment back in december.

  5. Blockfolio and delta app already does this and they are on the IOS….. This isn’t anything new and an ICO is not necessary for a simple applications as a portfolio tracker which you have to manually enter the data for……

  6. Stéphan Patrón-Truong looks like they are just a portfolio tracker. Fintab seems to focus on tracking accounting and has a lot more features.

  7. FitCrypto i was thinking the same thing . Blockfolio does all this . I can track all my coins from whichever exchange i want and add alerts for FREE

  8. salamx1976 yes exactly, perhaps not many people are aware of apps like Blockfolio and that’s why FinTab is taking advantage. Why would you need to do an ICO for that?!

  9. Hmm this Fintab stuff makes me generally wonder about AB’s content. This is only a referral advertisement and it would be ok if it was stated clearly. Eg. “Fintab review, is it better than Blockfolio?”. Now it’s just hazy, like AB isn’t aware of the alternatives.

  10. blockfolio does a fantastic job? servers are down half the time, not to mention half the prices are incorrect because they don’t have enough exchanges listed along with coins….

  11. I love all your videos guys but we’ll need to know when you’re getting paid to promote an ICO,
    It’s not that we will not see it or something but you need to be transparant

  12. How the hell do you confirm order for Fintab purchase? Warning
    Your order has been created. Please, confirm the payment in under two hours. Be aware that coin transfers may take a while.

  13. Dubem NwachukwuNot even close.. Delta for mobile and alt poker for desktop as many have stated. That’s the best combo atm.

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