France The #1 Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Country ?

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French lawmakers are putting forward proposals to make France even more crypto friendly, this is in addition to earlier laws that put in place frame works for ICOs and taxes.


Furanzi: Pro-Crypto MPs Wants the Country to Invest €500 Million in Blockchain Projects Over the Next Three Years


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France The #1 Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Country ?

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  1. Would love to hear your thoughts on Neurochain. Not sure if you’ve covered it. Love your content, zviya! Ramba wakadaro!

  2. Macroncoin?…………Seriously though good news and a good move from France, I think the US will make a big mistake if they keep changing tack, and they may need crypto more than anybody……The cryptospace seems to have really slowed down in Easter Europe although host quite a few projects and the home of Trezor.

  3. There is a lot of bureaucracy here in Europe and it’s definitely a step for France on right direction!

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  5. I am so happy to live this historique time and what we are going to tell our kids from this time. I am not telling to buy now, but to see this as a biggest opportunite of a lifetime. Everybody should see this from a satellite view.

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  7. I want to increase my bitcoin but it look so impossible because I have tried I hope Mr Alessio will help

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