Follow the SMART MONEY! Bitcoin, ZCASH, MANA, ETH CLASSIC Technical Trading Analysis

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Today Mark does a quick review of the Bitcoin chart and also follows the "smart money" reviewing Digital Currency Group's portfolio on the charts. So get ready to look at Bitcoin BTC, Zcash ZEC, Decentraland MANA, Zencash ZEN and Ethereum Classic ETC.

Mark is an active crypto trader and enthusiast, but is not a professional advisor. Please do your own research when making an investment decision and never invest more than you can loose.

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Follow the SMART MONEY! Bitcoin, ZCASH, MANA, ETH CLASSIC Technical Trading Analysis

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  1. If it continues the same pattern that it’s been on since June, then I don’t see why not. I put some money in last month at around $12 and am continuing to scale in. But of course it’s crypto right? saka…. and please don’t just do what I’m doingI know what I can riskso don’t risk more than you’re comfortable with!

  2. Mark Vidano worry not!!! I am going all in on ETC baby!!!!! I want it to reach its all time high before it hits coinbase then explode. BCH blew up 300% when it hit coinbase. BCH hit 8500!!! They shut coinbase for an hour. It was an “error”. I would start thinking about staying up 24/7 kumativi 09,10,11,12!!!

  3. Stellar is stellar. It’s beyond the moon or mars. It’s to the stars. I mean really? It’s symbol is a frickinrocket with laser beams 🚀🚀

  4. On the general trend yes, but remember last year when BTC would go down for a couple of days and alts would go up? Granted a couple of daysbut..

  5. Great quick review Mark, I like that 50% BTC % 25%ETC Inv. chart, Have a great weekend my friend, thanks for your time and knowledge, Peace.

  6. Hi Andres. Remember that’s the venture capital firms portfolio, not mine. Thanks for watching and commenting again!!

  7. I know Mark, I was happy to see it as I went All in BTC at 2:00 a.m. this morning, I also seen a couple of more YouTubers saying somethings to that also, again thanks man, Peace

  8. Currently seeing a declining wedge forming on the lower time frames. On an up move this would typically mean a break to the upside for continued trend up. Not much support below $7,200 on price/volume, but I’m still setting my personal stops at below $6,700. Weekends are typically algo/bot action, so small moves up and down through today and tomorrow would be normal. A break above $7,450 based on price/volume would set a new target of $8,300-ish. There are lots of TA folks going bearish, so please do your own evaluation!!

  9. been asking youtubers to look at DECENTRALAND for long time and none have bothered to do an in depth look, but it seems time and the success of the project will force them to. shame none could see/promote this project and its potential earlier.

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