ETHOS (Formerly Bitquence) InterviewShingo Lavine & Stephen Corliss

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Bitquence is rebranding to Ethosbut the underlaying concept has remained the samebring cryptocurrencies to the masses.

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ETHOS (Formerly Bitquence) InterviewShingo Lavine & Stephen Corliss

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  1. Shingo you are inspirational to the Crypto community!!! and Stehphen Corliss!!! Keep up the great work. Thank you Crypto Lark! Great Interview. Mufaro.

  2. Ethos .. i just love the name. Much better than Bitquence. People got it confused with Bitcoin as i told them about it. I really think this is going to be huge. Potential top 10 !! (or am i too optimistic 😀 )

  3. You’re awesome Crypto Lark. I Love this coin, this is my favorite coin, its already tripled my investment since October! This is the King of all Alt Coins. Hail Ethos.

  4. Learned of BQX back in July from Suppoman, been a hodl’er ever since. Looking forward to growing together as Ethos!

  5. A young smart and intelligent CEO with the name Shingo, I’ll definitely buy this coin.. 😁😎

  6. very very awesome ….I love this ….. at the beginning of the video I heard someones exodus wallet cha chang lol

  7. This is such an impressive team. They obviously have huge plans that really make sense. pamusoro 5 coin in 2 makore.

  8. brilliant interviewLarkyou must bring them back at key points in the future.. PS. I think you might be wrong about the rocket shipEthos take off is more like.. Millennium Falcon’s hyper-drive !!!

  9. Ethos – BQX, – Zvita 20, 2017 $2.45 ! “We are deep into Sprint 3, completing the in-progress feature set due on December 20th. This includes: Sign Up, Login, Introduction to Ethos, a Virtual Wallet, Watch list, generation Ethos Smart Key (expect more on this soon!), hierarchical deterministic wallets and the seed recovery process.

  10. I’m not only excited to hodl this coinbut genuinely excited to use the app itself aswell, really glad I got in to this one.

  11. I have been following these guys for a while and I am really excited about this project. Crypto currency *IS* going to a more main stream audience so projects like Ethos are required to facilitate that growthmainly among the many users that are currently lined up and waiting to buy into crypto but can’t deal with the insane learning curve currently required to buy, trade and store these currency’s.

  12. I thoroughly analyzed their website there is no product, no ROADMAP with milestones and delivery dates. I see a picture with an app, but I don’t see any. app. They even have a current college student on the team…. What are you seeing that I am not?

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