Ethereum Price Reversal? SEC Hurts Innovation, Facebook Hack & StellarX – Bitcoin & Crypto News

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsIs Ethereum going to see a major price reversal? SEC hits Elon Musk and congress finally gets bribed to stand up for crypto industry. Facebook hack underlines need for decentralized services. Tim Berners Lee is back to save us.

US law makers lobby SEC

US Lawmakers: SEC’s Stance on Crypto Is Hindering Innovation and Will Drive Business Elsewhere


Elon musk

End of Ethereum

Doomsday for Ethereum? Why Some Analysts Are Shorting ETH

Ethereum Price

Prominent Analyst: Ethereum to Undergo Major Trend Reversal, $1,900 Likely

Austria Ethereum

Austria to Issue €1.15 Billion of Government Bonds on Ethereum

China Cryptocurrency


Facebook Hack

Tim Berners Lee

Samsung Bitcoin


akatisiyira (XLM) Launches World’s First Zero-Fee Decentralized ExchangeStellarXwith Fiat Deposits

akakurudzira EXCHANGES


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Ethereum Price Reversal? SEC Hurts Innovation, Facebook Hack & StellarX – Bitcoin & Crypto News

27 mashoko

  1. The SEC is the joke of the world, banks rule them, talking of banks they are stupid for rejecting crypto, Coinbase has made more money in 1 year than some banks have made in 5. Crypto exchanges is where the money is. But stuff banks to hell.

  2. Without of SEC work( and some other organizations) – we would get a “2008” every few years.

  3. I don’t think ETH will be the king anymore but that’s just because the whole game has changed over the last year. Even though it may not be the king,, it will definitely be a member of the royal court though.

  4. Thank you Lark to bring it up
    Maruta, is definatly not paradise for everybody😉
    I am a cryptonian, not something else

  5. I thin a year from now it will be like online purchases. when you’re shopping it’ll be Amazon, Walmart, Target,ect or if it is a spcecialized project it’ll be like an electronics purchase so you’ll check those but BestBuy and Newegg and so on

  6. Love the intro, your videos are always on my watch list. Thanks for all the time you put into the channel.

  7. Inrupt! I like that. Ethereum as well as Litecoin is just getting started. So much room to grow. Elon tweets = SEC Fines. Banker’s steal billions = SEC Silence. Weight gain from delicious Mediterranean foods😂🤣😂🤣

  8. Satoshi Sean

    Large corporations have to report earnings. Crypto cannot be reported as an earning.

    Imagine buying things off of amazon with baseball cards, and amazon trying to report earnings in baseball cards? Why won’t that work? Because the cards have an un calculated value until sold, just like crypto.

    No earnings report, no stock value, no stock value, no corporation.

    Big corps cannot accept crypto. If you understood stocks, economics, business, you’d understand this.

  9. We that has nothing to do with my comment at all, but the valuation of the card would be based on what it was able to purchase. That’s a basic taxation rule like if you were to claim inventory on a schedule C for your schedule SE

  10. nioctib I think as 25 plus year veteran of the financial services industry and being the Chief Commercial Officer of an insurance company and having owned several small businesses I got a decent grasp bud

  11. > Facebook
    Steemit > Reddit (because censorship)
    Elon Musk > Corrupt Cronies (Government)

  12. Great news sum up, thanks Lark. Like a good central ortago Pinot Noir, you’re just getting better with time.

  13. Great video! very informative. I just started looking into ICO and found your video very helpful. If you are taking suggestions for you next reviews, I would love your opinion on SciDex.

  14. These past events just reinforce the move for those of us that are moving forward on the self government road. I’m not sure how many will get it this time, asi, it’s time to cut ties with centralization.
    I’m not really using WasteBook much but it is a liability that needs to go, then the Googleplex.
    See y’all on Steemit, D-tubeLong live the blockchain, universe speed self government!

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