Ethereum Mining in December 2017 – Still Profitable?

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Ethereum Mining in December 2017 – Still Profitable?

29 mashoko

  1. Great video, thank you for the breakdown young sir!!!
    So it’s roughly 8 1/2 months to break even on the investmentthat’s NOT GOOD. Much better just to buy the coins now and hodl for 8 months and sell and make huge profits then. That’s just my take on it

  2. Using grossly overpriced premade systems is, well, stupid. It basically doubles the ROI time.

  3. i really think you should go into more depth with building a rig, its extremely easy as them prices are disgusting

  4. Yup. I’ll be looking into possibly making a rig build tutorial in the near future.

  5. You can save a ton building your own rig and doing a little research on GPU optimization. But you would have to factor in the value of your timeso unless you enjoy it like a hobby yes it’s too long.

  6. I’m not seeing the links to your new channels in thedescription below.Look forward to subscribing.

  7. From the size of the case, I bet the termmicrois in regards to the micro ATX mobo. Because that looks like a micro ATX case.

  8. Any videos on overclocking
    AMD RX 580? Which graphic card would be more profitable to mining ethereum?

  9. Your right you can save some $$$, but my time is worth more to me. I’ve built computers since 1996 but I’d rather just buy now on various sites and hold it out..

  10. Hi, Can you mine Etherum on Virtual Machine (Like hiring Virtual server (paying monthly) on service provider like

  11. I would like to see what you would build, something realistic that matches lower power with higher hash, something obtainable too, not constantly sold out.

  12. Right now, if it takes you 8.5 months to break even, you’re doing something VERY wrong. But you’re right, people should buy coins instead of mine(because this helps all miners, like me)

  13. is the amount of ethereum you are able to mine fixed? If so, its a very profitable investment since ethereum will appreciate in value alot, or is the amount of the ethereum able to mine will decrease over time?

  14. Thanks for all the advice. What currencies and rigs would you recommend as a novice setup for mining if you pay 21-22¢ pkh ? Thanks would appreciate any feed back.
    P.s could I be better off building my own rig.

  15. Also ether will still be profitable same like other mining cryptos out there as long as they their price will rise. Fact

  16. Very overpriced! Considering that you can buy a Quadro K1200 gpu that will hash at 132 Mh/s? Blows my mine:-P

  17. Hey I’m trying to do but
    Batch file is running but 0.00mh/s n restarting always can anyone help me

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