Ethereum Hard Fork ExplainedWhat You Need to Know

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Ethereum is having a hard fork in a few days, what does it mean and what do you need to do?


Ethereum Developers Give ‘TentativeGreenlight to ASIC-Blocking Code

Binance Confirms Support for the January Ethereum (paEti) Constantinople Hard Fork

Ailing Ethereum Receives a Boost, Huge Community Support for Upcoming Hard ForkConstantinople

Breaking Down the Constantinople Hard Fork


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Ethereum Hard Fork ExplainedWhat You Need to Know

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  1. So as far as you know there will be noClassic Vision Hard Forktokens deposited to holdersether wallets as I previously read on another site?

  2. From what I saw the Ethereum Classic Vision is forking 5 days before the ETH Forkso not really related in that sense

  3. Ethereum Nowa Hard Fork
    Just a day after the Classic vision hard fork, on 12th of January, 2019, Ethereum Nowa Fork will happen, where the ETH owners will get 1 ETN (Ethereum Nowa) coin for every ETH in their private wallets. The ETN Nowa roadmap says that it is going to come up with ETN desktop wallet by Q2 2019, and even mobile wallets (Android, iOS, WP). By Q3 and Q4, the Ethereum Nowa decentralized exchange and blockchain messenger is expected to be launched.

  4. As soon as Ethereum scales to an appropriate level to handle world business, ADA becomes worthless. There is no Cardano Alliance with hundreds of the worlds largest companies committed to building on it and never will be. The Ethereum Alliance gets larger by the day. Cardano has yet to even attempt to scale. Ethereum is solving scaling right now. It may take Hoskinson in the boys years. The game’s over by the time it happens. Couple that with the questions surrounding the morality of Hoskinson, the stealth ICO for Cardano which a few select people got rich and Hoskinson’s history of being difficult to work with, Cardano maybe the most overvalued platform in crypto. Hoskinson’s quarrel with the Cardano Foundation Council was right on schedule based on his history with Ethererum and Bitshares. Contrary to popular belief Cardano doesn’t have better or more developers than Ethereum.

  5. I’m convinced that the upgrades and scaling solutions like ZKSNARKS is going to speed up the TPS for ethereum to 1600/sec. This is going to put ETH on a path to huge market adoption. Nasdaq stocks may become digitized and traded on the Ethereum blockchain. The future is bright, we’re going beyond the moon.

  6. Not sure, seems shady, no team members listed on website, but just remember don’t download anything from them, never input your private key, if it really is just an airdrop then wait and see what happens, no need to be the first to test their wallets etc.

  7. I don’t do forks cause they never go well . The forked coin pumps and dump s then your left with twice the coins but only your left with the same or less fiduciary value and like you say it’s a field day for scammers. No extra coins on this one then
    Stop humbuggers and scammers

  8. Cardano is also working on scalability by presenting PoS whitepapers. You may say “ETH is going to deliver Casper”but there’s no date yet and not big progress about it.
    I may agree that Cardano’s team is limited and need to work on alliances too but with all this, last year’s Github activity shows Cardano was most active working team.

  9. Lark,
    I just gotta ask!!!

    Why do you always look away from the camera?

    Are you reading off of your notes or something?

    Keep up the good work Brother!

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