Ethereum Classic ETCA New Genesis

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Ethereum Classic has been getting a lot of attention recently. The Callisto airdrop is pushing market growth, but the community and development team have been hard at work making ETC into a strong player in the space.


Ethereum Classic VS. Ethereum – Who Will Win?

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Ethereum Classic ETCA New Genesis

31 mashoko

  1. God can’t wait until Cardano opens their blockchain. Want to watch it grow just like these blockchains and more!! Just hope Cardano isn’t too late and have already missed the train. tarisira!!

  2. they usually say the original is betterso let’s just seeI’m waiting for air drop and may get somenice video man.

  3. Was looking forward to see an updated ETC reviewmuch appreciated insight! 🙂
    Hardest part to figure for me was wether they have partnerships up/coming or not

  4. Thank you for the info and research!
    Have u heard aboutcloudfishThey just announced the ICO plan.

  5. Javi L yes it does but I don’t believe Cardano’s blockchain isnt actually in operation for projects to be made on it as of yet or atleast to my knowledge it isn’t

  6. Just keep in mind the supply is so large you’re only looking at about 10 max value per coin if you’re lucky. This is why I stick to coins with low supply.

  7. It was fair to be skeptical of ETC after the split because they didn’t yet have their identity and focus figured out. But they hung in there and the community regrouped. ETC will surprise many people in the coming years. Two great dev teams and a focus on IoT. wo, they have a monetary policyETC will be huge! Thanks for this video, as always! Long live the blockchain.

  8. Crypto Lark has the best show on YouTube. Thanks for educating us, Who would give this a thumbs down

  9. ETC has better tech than ETH. The code has better formal proofs than ETH and is more secure. POW while ETH moving to POS. Decentralised governance.
    Reckon better in long run.

  10. I see it more like the steam train (eth, bitcoin, and co) being superseded by diesel and electric trains (cardano)

  11. +Jonathan Thomas HI , mate do you still think ETC will be a good investment , I have 1000 euro I am thinking of throwing at it, what do you think

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