Ethereum Classic AttackWhat Happened & What Now? News Report

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Ethereum Classic ETC suffers an attack on the blockchain, what does it mean, and what is the future of ETC?


IOHK May Pivot Mantis Ethereum Classic Team in 2019

Ethereum Classic Hack Causes Coinbase To Suspend ETC Trading


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Ethereum Classic AttackWhat Happened & What Now? News Report

31 mashoko

  1. The irony isas I understand itethereum classic exists because it didn’t want to reverse a transaction

    So for it to be vulnerable in this way does seem bad.


  2. The sometimes more rapid price growth of alts is countered by their tenancy to crash harder. That’s part of why I only buy Bitcoin. All these alts are basically just companies and the tokens depend on centralized and known people who can be attacked in many different ways. But with Bitcoin, not even Veer and Jihad with all their millions, with their previous great reputations (and in Veer’s case his reputation was a level of respect that was almost holy, nearly as great as Satoshi) and all their gigahashs of mining power, not even they could successfully subvert Bitcoin. So that’s where my surplus income goes.

  3. This is coinbase’s fault. They should be making sure they get the mathematically necessary confirmations for deposits on a chain like ETC if they don’t want to get double-spent. Maybe with a hashpower like ETC’s chain has, that’s forever. Oh well. That’s the price you pay for supporting such an early stage technology. On the otherhand, no one is going to spend the hashpower necessary to double-spend 10 ETC they just paid for a cup of coffee.

  4. all chains are vulnerable like this. they only lose that vulnerability as the hashpower grows. for the lead development teams of ETC to do a chain rollback or something, and for the community to go along with it, would indeed be bad, zvisinei.

  5. Ever since you flat ironed your hair the other day😁 just roll with it brother. Got to laugh at ourselves sometimes.

  6. Ethereum Classic is NOT a direct competitor to Ethereum or EOS. It’s focus is on IOT, so therefore IOTA is a closer competitor. Still, ETC does need to get its act together if it is to thrive in the crypto space.

  7. XMR Playboy — when eth switches algos soon, much of those ASICS mining eth might flood into etc

  8. That’s a good point. Perhaps that is part of the reason Satoshi wanted to remain anonymous

  9. With the method to short now in the focus, we will now see the same pattern that Wall St has done in its history.
    -You buy your short position
    -Have something negative go on such as in the news media, bogus negative content, or in this case an attack.
    -Whoever is behind it will take their profits from the short position.
    -Rinse and repeat

    The corruption tactics from Wall St are going to be all over the crypto community more sooner than later.

  10. Ive heard, ETC is on the list that big business and banks want to include in there future crypto contribution.

  11. I’m going to do a video on 51% attacks now. This is something that needs to be discussed. Great video as always

  12. Maybe if they would have used Digibytes open source multi algorithm mining codeDigi-shieldthey wouldn’t be in this mess. DGB is strong.

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