Ethereum Breakout In November? + Cardano, Aion & ICON Analysis

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There have been some developments today. Marten was expecting a continuation to the downside for the big cryptos and that happened earlier today, zvisinei, it looks like it went down to support very quickly and bounce back up again. Today is also the last day of October so it is a very important day. In Vhidhiyo iyi, we will look at all altcoins, Ethereum, Cardano and finally Aion.
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Ethereum Breakout In November? + Cardano, Aion & ICON Analysis

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  1. I have been told by employees at Blockchains in NV, (shhhh) ethereum will be making huge announcements in a few days. Im curious to see what happens.

  2. If Ether dips to the 170-180 range i will surely open a long on it. But i already have my SiaCoin stack for the bullrun. Reliable team, actual usecasetickets to the moon in the upcoming bullrun.DYOR

  3. Y’all check out newly released fantom/ftm it’s going to the Moon 🙏🙏🙏 y’all are welcome 🤜🤛

  4. The end of Nov will come the market will be lower or near the same, and we will be asking what will happen in Dec


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