Ethereum Best Investment in Cryptocurrency? Bitcoin or Ethereum?

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When it comes to Cryptocurrency, I feel there is no safer investment than Ethereum, due to its market share and long term potential. Not to mention many Wallstreet investors share a different sentiment about Ethereum, than they do about Bitcoin,

Ethereum Best Investment in Cryptocurrency? Bitcoin or Ethereum?

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  1. LolYou saidmoonin the first 30 masekondi. Then suggested people buy an over bought, overvalued currency that still hasn’t broken a 4 month downtrend. Meanwhile bitcoin gains 5% week after week like clockwork. Forgetting that ethereum is a centralized protocal that wouldn’t even exist right now without Vitalik playing banker. Defeats the whole purpose of a decentralized infrastructure don’t you think? Just want to make sure you’re factoring in everything. As far as market cap overtaking BTC. That will never happen. They don’t talk about ethereum because it’s not a storage of value or a currency. It doesn’t challenge the system. Because it’s a centrally controled protocal. Ethereum is not even remotely safe when the CEO can just refund loses to hacked accounts at the snap of a finger. Give that some serious thought brother. Ethereum holder since $9 pano. Broke our hearts selling out like that. I warn when I can.

  2. I’m in the US. Gonna buy more ETH. It’s Nov. 3 and DevCon3 has been very productive, they say. Lots going on with ETH. It’s quiet, but serious Cryptocurrency. I don’t watch the ups and downs. It’s long term wealth storage in a time when the US dollar is devalued.

  3. so.. you look at the circulating supply and the market cap and that’s it? i don’t get it.. but maybe it’s just me. “this right here is going to skyrocketbased on what?…

  4. Just remember that bit coin was once worth $250 mari, now it’s worth $16,000 mari. Whos to say eth won’t do the same.

  5. But ethereum can’t cope with large amount of transactionssee what CryptoKitties has done to the ethereum network

  6. +r56mini smart trader just think witch token give top big2 profi
    nguva 1 gore
    medium capital


  7. litecoin
    1/1/2017 usd 30
    13/12/2017 + 300

    only X 10
    chete 1,000% 1.year holding

    Erthereum give you 8,300%
    big2 profit hoading 1 gore

  8. end 2018

    Erthereum 15,000 to usd 30,000

    not beleive????????

    just seee other poeple order lambo car uses Erthereum token

    buy lambo car 2020 online

  9. especially the scaling issues we sawone simple kryptokitty app bogged the ethereum network, that technology bottleneck is pretty scary.” -something I found in my notes

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