Ethereum and Dash PRICE PREDICTION and ENTRY POINTS! – Technical Analysis

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In Vhidhiyo iyi, Marten is going to have a look at Ethereum and Dash. We are still in a very bearish environment but there are some glimmer of hope, at least when it comes to Dash. We will have a look at both the daily chart and the 8 hour chart and see if we can find some potential entry levels.
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Ethereum and Dash PRICE PREDICTION and ENTRY POINTS! – Technical Analysis

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  1. hi Martin thanks for your vids, do you use BBands with Macd or do you use other indicators? thank you for time.

  2. Good video. In my opinion there is no other way to think right now, than bearish across the space.

  3. Dash is having actual real life use in Venezuela and other places. I think overall retailers accepting Dash has gone from 600 to over 2200 since february. That is something to consider in addition to the technicals.

  4. +jeffrey exposito a lot of coins are better than others but name recognition goes father than real life ease of use.

  5. hi, I do use BBs but not Macd at the moment. But I do use the TTM Squeeze and Wavetrend Indicator very frequently. /Marten – Altcoin Buzz

  6. thank you, Im using Tradingview, the professional version with 10 indicators. /Marten – Altcoin Buzz

  7. thx, yeah, it is overwhelmingly bearish, no doubt about it, but lets see how this week will end. September is usually not a good month for cryptos if we look at the short history, but October, November and December are usually great. /Marten – Altcoin Buzz

  8. cool, yeah I knew that Bitcoin is being used in Venezuela and Zimbabwe but not Dash, that is a big plus. /Marten – Altcoin Buzz

  9. Vitalik Buterin is spreading so much fud I won’t put a dollar in anything he is behind. Just saying. It will recover but not before XRP jumps to #2.

  10. So despite the title of your video, you offer NO ‘PRICE PREDICITIONAND NO ‘ENTRY POINTS’?

  11. Thank you for your free TA videos! During these bearish times are you actively shorting the market? If so what exchange do you recommend?

  12. People should stop criticizing Vitalik for being honest about ETH. He can now see that EOS and Cardano are far more superior than ETH and he is just being honest. At least he is not being a snake and pretending to the public that his tech is the best when he knows it is going to fail compared to the EOS/ADA.

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  16. Use bitmex. Probably the biggest exchange for placing shorts. Ideally if you’re going to short we’ve tested 5700 pamusoro 4 nguva. Probably put a short set for about 5650 so u know it’s broken. Make some major gains on the way down. All the best pal

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