Ethereum 2.0 IS Coming and will Prove the Haters Wrong! JP Morgan Loves ETH & Bancor EOS ETH DEX

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Ethereum and Vitalik looking ahead to key Serenity upgrades, JP Morgan loves Ethereum, Bancor's EOS ETH DEX, and the future of Ethereum!

Ethereum 2.0

JP Morgan Loves Ethereum

JP Morgan: ‘We Are Big Believers in Ethereum

Zero Knowledge Ethereum



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Ethereum 2.0 IS Coming and will Prove the Haters Wrong! JP Morgan Loves ETH & Bancor EOS ETH DEX

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  1. i love ETH!!! so many great options and directions with Ethereum, just makes so much since. Sincerely JR

  2. Here’s my .02ETH on Etherium: I literally rely on and use it to both purchase and sell art on the SuperRare and KnownOrigin platforms that are running on the Etherium blockchain. I leverage the transparency and browser availability via MetaMask in order to have piece of mind that all stakeholders involved in both collateralized and non-collateralized works of art get their fair share of monetary rewards. All of that and I am very excited to have the availability of Non-Fungible tokens on the Etherium blockchain as well. Etherium is already changing the way business is done.

  3. What is this satanic picture in the background? lol
    Sometimes I just don’t understand ze art

  4. Lark you do provide some excellent analysis at times but I question your enthusiasm over EthereumVitalik promises to deliver and we all hope he doeshowever making serious alterations to an already functioning mainnet is like working on a car engine when it is travelling down the highway at 60 mphan extremely difficult taskit is debatable whether it can be achieved on the near future which is why projects are migrating to more scalable platformsside chains still need scalability to be solvedto demonstrate how dire the situation isEOS Dice dapp has more transactions per day than the entire Ethereum network and Ethereum is running at near 100% capacity

  5. Lark, thanks again for passing along more great information. I can’t wait for the upper cut punch Ethereum 2.0 will deliver to those Haters.

  6. Lol! Keep in mind one thing: Mr Buterin has got a long range vision like no one else in Tech. saka, when he saysIt is comingexpect 18 months waiting time. 🙂

  7. I certainly have my criticisms of Ethereum and have made them known many times, and they certainly have a huge task in front of them, time will tell if they succeed of course, but I believe they will, but the slowness of this happening is certainly giving the competition time to make very strong moves

  8. Haha, it is a commentary on the increasing fusion of man with computer and the dangers of our AI future

  9. That is awesome Angel! I really like hearing stories like this. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Quality news and presentation, thanks Lark. I really appreciate you going straight to the topic without any fluffy intro talk or worse, coinmarketcap and chart views. You’ve got a quality niche here on YT. 10/10.

  11. Sounds a lot like what ADA is going to be releasing in 2019 so it is going to be a fun 2019

  12. The banks are backing Ethereum because they know they can rollback when needed, rudyi?

  13. What I am wondering is how will the implementation of Ethereum 2.0
    occur? How will it affect Ethereum 1.0 hodlers? Will they hardfork the
    network like they did with Ethereum Classic or will Ethereum just be
    upgraded to 2.0 automatically? I am assuming the latter, but can’t seem
    to find any precise information on this, thank you!

  14. Ada can’t even release a secure wallet. And no one else can apparently build one

    Eosio has literally dozens of awesome wallets

  15. Eth team have lied to the community many many times, kana…, they’re not as good as everyone thinks.

    Pick one

  16. Thank you for this video. Completely agree, ETH has immense potential and is the most interesting project in the space with an amazing community. ETH to the moon!

  17. Bro I have a question that ethereum and ethereum 2.0 hard fork or same . In future we have to purchase ethereum 2.0 separately ?… Reply must

  18. BancorX has made it so easy to convert between eth and eos. They seem to be the first in the game when it comes to cross chain. Great vid!

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