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The #Ethereum Hardfork is Now Imminent

The Ethereum Hardfork is Now Imminent

How the Coming Constantinople Hard Fork Could Stir Up Ether Markets

Basic Attention Token Now Redeemable at Over 250,000 Brands Including Amazon, Starbucks, ber, and Apple

Brave Announces New Partnership, Connects Consumers With More Than 250,000 Brands

EOS, #Tron, Ethereum: The Top 3 in the New China’s CCID Crypto Rankings Report

Bitcoin BTC, Ripple XRP, Ethereum ETH, #Litecoin LTC, Tron TRX,IOTA updates

Apple Co-Founder Says Bitcoin Has Triggered Massive Value Creation, Plus Ripple and XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, vara: Crypto News Flash

Electroneum Price Continues to dip Despite Major Behind-the-Scenes Developments

Electroneum Price Continues to dip Despite Major Behind-the-Scenes Developments

Ripple’s xRapid-driven is fantastic, says Bitcoin Cash’s Roger Ver

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paEti, chiremwaremwa, LTC, BTC, TRX, XRP, ETN, EOS – Crypto News

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  1. #1 oh yeah, ETN should be going up something is fishy here! Oh XRP on coinbase app just picked up a bunch, BAT gonna get in on this. And thanks for covering the news guys.

  2. Had ADA, paEti, BTC, XRP launched a phone their prices whould had being surging. But since ETN aint that popular through out CRYPTO SPACE no one wants to play, but dont worry our time will come plus organic growth is better, its also sustainable which in turns creates longevity.

  3. +Richard Busby if we can close over 820 sats that would be very bullish, over the 200 day ma

  4. ICO Telegram is the best this year! Just a very short while ago they started a public sale of tokens. Almost all the tokens are already sold on

  5. So sad you can put $100 into XRP and pick up a bunch, and now it’s easier to buy, with so much damn supply 🤣 smart money sees this, retail investors don’t

  6. Ну, диггери, чекали нарешті) Телеграма відкрила громадську ICO на

  7. Don’t give up on bitcoin I recommend smith to everyone I invest with smith and he really changed my life I got 7.1BTC into my wallet this is real and legit I’m so happy working with smith I can guarantee everybody this text him on aicsmith53@gmail. Com or +1 260-468-7657 he’s so reliable

  8. Yeah it’s ridiculous but also inevitable that ETN will succeed. It’s just a waiting game now

  9. ŁITECOIN about to make Major move .. just saying .. better load up on ŁTC before its unaffordable 💯👊⚡️🚀🚀🌝

  10. +edit name agree and funny you said that Cash app posted record high bitcoin sales now they are saying it may suggest growing retail interest in crypto.

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